teen wolf colton haynes season 2 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 spoilers: Colton Haynes to exit Beacon HillsWe’ve got some sad news for “Teen Wolf” fans. Colton Haynes has confirmed that he won’t be returning to the series for its third season, set to debut next summer on MTV. “These past few yrs have been the best of my life,” Haynes tweeted to fans on Thursday. “I’m sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love.”

Despite rumors that Haynes was “forced out” of the show, sources close to the show tell Zap2it that the team at MTV wanted to find a way to keep Haynes on board, but salary negotiations came to an unfortunate standstill, despite a lucrative offer. The sources say that he is always welcome to come back to the show.

When Season 2 ended, Haynes obviously still had not signed on for a third season. In fact, things were so up in the air that Davis considered killing off Colton’s character, Jackson, in the Season 2 finale.

“We did shoot it both ways, and not even Colton knew. I think Colton
actually thought that I had edited it so that he died! I love happy
endings myself, so I wanted the ability to decide in the editing room
which way I liked it,” he told Zap2it this summer, adding, “we never even cut it to see how it played out if he died. I just loved
the moment of him becoming a werewolf. It was what we’d built up to the
whole season. We had the idea very early on — actually, I had the idea
in the pilot — that there was going to be the redemption story. He
cannot become a werewolf until he resolves his soul; until he earns it.
The shape you take reflects the person you are, and he had to stop being
a snake in order to be a wolf.”

Though our sources confirm that negotiations have come to an end, MTV’s official statement remains hopeful, and reps say they stand by it. “Absolutely no truth that Colton is being pushed out or that he, or any cast member, is being replaced,” says a spokesperson in an official statement sent to Zap2it. “We love Colton and look forward to his returning with the entire cast for Season 3 of Teen Wolf.”

Update: The official Teen Wolf Facebook page has posted the following statement. “We were just as surprised and disappointed as Colton’s fans to read out about his decision to leave the show. We want him to return for a third season, as he has for the past two, but if this is his decision we respect that and will wish him all the best. We are excited for what Jeff Davis and producers have in store for our incredible cast in the upcoming third season.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie