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“Teen Wolf” Season 3 has been dark — and it’s only going to get darker. With Stiles possessed by a nogitsune and wreaking havoc, death closing in on the main characters and the promise of increasing blood, fans definitely want to know what’s coming next.

Executive producer Jeff Davis has the answers. And Zap2it got some of those answers during a recent interview.

Zap2it: Why is this half of Season 3 so very dark?
Jeff Davis: We knew that we wanted to take Stiles down a dark path. He was our comic relief, but we also just wanted to try something new. My writing staff, my team and I, we try to please ourselves, we try to make it as adventurous and romantic as possible, but there is some great stuff to be had in this dark mythology with the kitsune and the Oni. I think the audience has grown to like these characters so much, that the more hell you put them through, the more conflict, you want your characters to climb real mountains — you want them to climb Everest, not a hill.

In this season we really want to test Stiles, his psyche and his friendships with everyone. So I think it’s just in the effort of creating the greatest stakes and greatest conflicts as possible. But I have to say that some of our early episodes in this season were some of our funniest as well — I liked all the humor in episode 15 with Scott and Kira at the sushi dinner scene.

The way we structure our seasons is: The first third is sort of high-school centered and we can have some fun with that, the middle gets a little more adventurous and darker and the last third is just crazy.

What is really going on with Stiles and the nogitsune?
This is called kitsunetsuki, which is actually similar to lycanthropy. In the U.S., lycanthropy is an actual clinical medical term for people who think they’re becoming an animal. In Japan, kitsunetsuki is an actual clinical medical term for people who think they’re becoming a fox. I love that parallel.

The person who is going to give an insight into that is Noshiko, which is Kira’s mom. There is going to be a lot more struggle and there is going to be a question raised, of whether Stiles can be saved.

How bad is nogitsune-Stiles going to get?
How much damage can we allow him to do? There is only a certain point where you can say “Well, it’s the thing inside of him possessing him.” Is it the gun that kills or is it the finger that pulls the trigger?

Where is all of this going as we head into the final episodes of Season 3?
Where we going with the end of season 3? I can tease that we’re going to an epic confrontation and the possibility of losing a beloved character, the possibility that Stiles will never be the same if he survives. I can say that there’s going to be a lot more action and a lot more blood. There will be more swords splashing [blood] by the end of the season.

Scared yet? “Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown