“Teen Wolf” returns for Season 3 in just a few weeks, so you might expect some real information to be contained in the MTV show’s newest teaser trailer. You would be disappointed. The video is creepy, dark and — above all else — wet. But it really doesn’t give away too much about the plot.

What do we see? It seems as if some person or persons is performing a water torture on Isaac (Daniel Sharman). Eventually, whatever is happening leads to a wolfing-out, with the yellow eyes and fangs and such. There is also some whispering in a foreign language that is probably but not necessarily Latin. And a funky light bulb.

Really, this doesn’t tell us much. But “Teen Wolf” does like to keep its secrets. The actual identity and affiliation of the torturers would be the biggest clue to what’s happening here. It could be hunters — a distinct possibility with that chanting. Also keep in mind that Isaac was beset by the new pack of werewolves in the Season 2 finale. This could be there work.

Whether hunters or wolves or someone else entirely, this is yet another intriguing peek at what is coming when “Teen Wolf” returns with new episodes on Monday, June 3 at 10pm on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown