teen wolf season 3 death oni mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Which character will die?

“Teen Wolf” Season 3 is going to kill off at least one major character before the season finale. Who is it? While that remains a mystery, here is a ranking — including everyone from Stiles to Danny — of the death chances for each character on the show.

Note: This list takes some liberties in defining “major” characters — anyone recurring and important to the main plots makes the list.

17. Danny
Everyone loves him and there’s nothing to be gained, plot-wise, from his death. The most popular kid in Beacon Hills should live to break more guys’ hearts next season!

16. Peter
They tried to kill him once before. It didn’t stick. Not much point in doing it again, is there?

15. Coach
Isn’t an arrow to the stomach enough for one season?

14. Scott
Can you even have “Teen Wolf” without Scott? The title refers to him, after all. Scott may face death and he might even come close, but it doesn’t seem too likely that dying is in the cards for Scott.

13. Stiles
Yes, he has just been diagnosed with an incurable, fatal disease. Yes, he is currently possessed by an evil nogitsune that can only be vanquished by death. But it’s Stiles! “Teen Wolf” is almost unthinkable without him.

12. Lydia
Considering that the show is only just starting to explore the whole banshee thing, Lydia probably has at least another season before imminent death begins to stalk her. Hopefully …

11. Allison
While it seems unlikely that “Teen Wolf” would be so awful as to kill off its female lead, Allison is often in the line of fire when it comes to supernatural danger. Also, she’s one of the only people not yet “tested” by the Oni. Could the Smoke Ninjas attack her?

10. Malia
She hasn’t been around much, but Malia might be Peter Hale’s daughter. That’s got to be dangerous.

9. Ethan and/or Aiden
Would “Teen Wolf” really pull a “Weasley twins” maneuver and kill off one Wolf Twin but not the other? Could both go down? While the oft-shirtless guys are trying for redemption this season, the road to goodness often means death. Ethan and Aiden had better watch out.

8. Sheriff Stilinski
How ironic would it be for Stiles to survive possession and creeping dementia, only to lose his father in some unexpected way? That sort of twist would make for amazing TV, even if it would also be heartbreaking at the same time.

7. Kira
She’s new, which often translates to “expendable” on “Teen Wolf.” On the other hand, Kira is so cute and nerdy and interesting that it seems odd to rip her away before audiences have a chance to know her well. Her survival, however, might depend on just how strong a kitsune the new girl is.

6. Melissa McCall
Assuming her ex-husband survives, Melissa could die and still leave Scott with a parent (albeit an absent, unpleasant one). It would be horrible, but fans might want to consider this as a possibility.

5. Chris Argent
The guy faces death pretty much constantly and has already lost most of his family to supernatural causes. He probably even expects to go at some point. It would be hard on Allison, but this one is definitely possible.

4. Derek
At first, it doesn’t seem too likely that “Teen Wolf” would kill off a character as important — or as hot — as Derek Hale. But how necessary to the main plots is Derek these days? Could the younger wolves/kids of Beacon Hills function without him? The answer may be yes.

3. Agent McCall
Is he expendable? Definitely. Is he important enough to count as a major death? Questionable. Either way, Agent McCall’s passing would have a pretty big effect on those around him.

2. Dr. Deaton
Thus far, the crazy veterinarian of “Teen Wolf” has proved to be pretty much invincible. That’s got to end at some point, and Scott seems to know enough about werewolves and magic and leadership now. Could Deaton’s days be numbered?

1. Isaac
All of Derek’s other werewolf experiments are gone — could Isaac soon follow? Considering that “Letharia Vulpina” left the kid unconscious and electrocuted, things aren’t looking good for Allison’s new guy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown