teen wolf season 4 arden cho interview mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 4: Arden Cho previews Kira's awkward love for Scott

When “Teen Wolf” Season 4 begins, there’s a new member of the pack. Kira the kitsune is fully in the group now, and the awkward girl with mad sword skills is finding her place. Part of that place is in a budding romance with Scott and part of it is getting down with her supernatural self.

Find out about both in Zap2it’s interview with actress Arden Cho.

What are things like for Kira when Season 4 starts?

Cho: Season 4 is very exciting for the whole pack — not just Kira but everybody. I think a lot has happened in Season 3, and some of it was really dark, very traumatizing. Season 4 is kind of a starting over in a sense. I think there’s a lot of new friendships building, a lot of healing to happen.

For Kira, it’s really exciting, because she’s now part of a pack and she knows more of who she is. Her relationship starts off a little awkward with Scott, because Scott’s gone through something very traumatizing. The whole gang has! But I think in the midst of everything, it still brings them closer together.

How does Season 4 differ from the previous season?

Cho: What’s exciting about Season 4 and what I like the most is it brings us all back to high school. You get to see Malia really adjusting to human life. You get to see Kira and Lydia and Malia even having girl talks and trying to figure out what’s happening in their personal lives aside from dying and trying to stay alive. And then it’s fun to see Stiles and Scott having their buddy-boy moments — a lot more of the funny moments everybody loves. There’s a lot more ‘funny’ in Season 4. And I love the funny! And then I love all the new characters two, all the new freshmen. It’s fun because you kind of get a lot of moments that feel nostalgic and can bring you back to Season 1 — that Season 1 newness … Don’t get me wrong — Season 4 is still very dark! And bloody!

Are Kira and Scott finally going to get somewhere in their romance?

Cho: It stays awkward for a little bit. And then eventually it’s just kind of like … It definitely grows through the episodes.

They definitely become something. But they still take it slow — that’s the thing I really like about Scott and Kira. It’s very much like high school, it’s very relatable. They take it slow. It’s awkward. They have their moments. Because what relationship in real life is as passionate and as sexy as relationships on TV are?

If it’s not just sexiness and passion, why do Scott and Kira work as a couple?

Cho: Scott and Kira’s romance, in the awkwardness, in the uncomfortableness, I think it’s very relatable, and I love that. It’s very natural. It’s natural for both parties to be talking to their friends and saying, ‘I don’t know what’s happening! I don’t know what to do! Do we text? Do we call? Do we go on a date? What are we?’ I like that a lot.

Leaving aside the issue of romance, how is Kira dealing with being a kitsune now?

Cho: She is definitely learning that her powers can do other things.

She’s pretty strong. And I think, even for a fighter, she’s getting tough. But at the same time, she’s still awkward Kira that’s still, ‘I’m scared, guys! Let’s not fight!’ What’s fun about Kira, when she does grab her sword or when she does something, she becomes her kitsune self and she’s empowered and she’s fierce. But when she’s just Kira without her weapon and she’s just in high school, she’s awkward Kira. I think that’s one of my favorite things about her.

Is Kira adjusting to all of this craziness in the family and in Beacon Hills?

Cho: It’s just starting to sink in that she’s supernatural, that her mom’s 900 years old, that her family has all these secrets. So that’s just sinking in.

Now, she’s like ‘Wait? How do people know that I’m supernatural?’ Scott knows, because he’s seen it, but she’s like, ‘How do people know?’ I think they show that in the trailer where she’s like, ‘How do people know about us? How do they know about everybody?’ I think she’s really scared. This is serious! People are literally dropping left and right. They’re getting assassinated!

We went from Oni and very scary, spiritual ninjas of some sort, to now hired assassins getting paid lots and lots of money to kill us all! That’s very scary, and I think she just hopes that it’s not real. Luckily, she’s got Scott — who’s a good leader of the pack — and she wants to stick by him and trust him and follow him.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 premieres Monday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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