teen wolf silverfinger stiles dylan obrien mtv 'Teen Wolf'   'Silverfinger' recap: Oni, oh no not Stiles!“Teen Wolf,” why do you love/hate us so?

“Silverfinger” is the first episode to make it absolutely clear that our beloved Stiles — good, sweet, loyal Stiles — has turned into an evil, murderous creature with the ability to subdue Japanese spirits and then wander off like nothing’s wrong. Is Stiles the Big Bad of Season 3? Can our poor, Stilinski-loving hearts take this torture?

On the other hand, evil Stiles is super hot. So maybe it’s cool.

‘This one time, when I was doing a weapons deal with the yakuza …’

There’s good news and there’s bad news at the beginning of this “Teen Wolf.” The good news is that Argent is fine and relatively un-bloody. The bad news is that he has seen the Smoke Ninjas before and they’re pretty much indestructible.

Also, under those masks is nothing but absolute darkness. This doesn’t sound good at all.

Fortunately, when Argent saw the Smoke Ninjas before, he was in Japan doing a weapons deal with the Yakuza (as you do). One of the men, a guy who goes by the name “Silverfinger,” also survived and is in town.

In order to get information, Argent, Allison and Isaac lure Silverfinger with the promise of an antique gun (because creepy, retired mobsters apparently like those things). He doesn’t initially go for it, which requires a snappily dressed Isaac in a suit. Snappy-dressed Isaac requires a kiss and a near hand-job for confidence.

This works very well, at least for awhile. Even with a sales pitch and an electronic bill counter, Isaac can still be intimidated by a man in desperate need of a manicure.

But that’s OK. Argent, Allison and Allison’s Wonder Woman lasso get the attention of Silverfinger anyway. From the man, we learn that he owes a huge debt to Chris Argent — since the werewolf hunter shot a Smoke Ninja as a teenager and thus saved Silverfinger from disgraceful cowardice. And from that we learn a lot about the Smoke Ninjas.

They’re not actually called “Smoke Ninjas,” by the way. Instead, the smoky ones are Oni, Japanese spirits who hunt down the 1/13 of kitsune that are super-evil.

That doesn’t sound good for the one possible kitsune we’ve seen in Beacon Hills …

Foxes and wolves get along just fine

Meanwhile, things are going really well for Scott and Kira. It’s not much of a surprise, really, that Kira is really into the fact that Scott has fangs and red eyes when he wants to. She is an electromagnetic fox-thing after all. Also, Scott is cute and rides a motorcycle and saves her from certain doom.

Those are attractive qualities.

Such qualities are so attractive, in fact, that the Twins and Derek spend the whole day after the black-light party following Scott around. They have to keep him safe and stuff, even if all this loyalty and protection is making Scott more than a little crazy.

Only by (again) sabotaging the Twins’ motorcycles does Scott get any one-on-one time with the foxy new girl. The two head back to Scott’s house for some longing looks and near-kissing. Then they get interrupted by Agent McCall. He wants to know how and why the two lovebirds were in his office the other night.


Trick or treat, only late

Halloween may be over in Beacon Hills, but that’s not the kind of thing to stop a bunch of Oni from seeking out their evil kitsune prey. But they can’t get in right away, thanks to Dr. Deaton’s handy-dandy, mountain-ash security system.

It doesn’t last though since, like Scott, the Oni get through OK when they really try.

This would spell the end for everyone, but instead only Agent McCall gets a sword through the shoulder (and mentions that he has something important to tell Scott). Kira and Scott, meanwhile, pass the funky Oni test and get their own “5s” behind the ear. As it turns out, that’s just a Japanese symbol for “self” and indicates that the bearer isn’t possessed by anything evil.

Everyone’s OK!

But not everyone

But we are forgetting one person: Stiles. Only a few hours after discovering his potential serial-killer tendencies, Stiles is on the verge of a major breakdown. He can’t find the chemistry-closet key. The “kill Kira” message on the chalkboard has been erased. Oh, and Stiles has figured out that Barrow’s bomb was a bunch of nuts and bolts in a birthday gift — exactly the prank Stiles played on the Coach.

No shock then when Stiles decides to see a doctor. In Beacon Hills though, that means seeing Nurse McCall. She mostly prescribes a serious amount of sleep, which would be a great cure if not for pesky little things like demonic possession.

There may also be some genetic predisposition going on here too — Mrs. McCall notices that Stiles’ symptoms are familiar. They are, in fact, the same symptoms exhibited by Claudia Stilinski before her death 10 years earlier.

Because all of this isn’t scary enough for “Teen Wolf,” the episode ends with Stiles facing down the Oni. It doesn’t quite go as expected: The spirits move in for the attack, but Stiles stops them with unbelievable speed. He then rips out the heart of a Smoke Ninja!

It’s a firefly, more or less. Then Stiles turns to the remaining two Oni and sucks them into himself or something equally weird. This cannot be good.

Also not good is when Scott finds Stiles mere seconds later — and young Stilinski is totally normal.

Or is he???

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