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It’s Mischief Night on “Teen Wolf,” and the pranks, strangeness and evil are everywhere in “Galvanize.” From a serial killer with bugs in his belly to the Coach’s bad birthday, this is horror at its finest.

Because Beacon Hills doesn’t have enough problems …

Guess what? In addition to werewolves and vengeful druids and who-knows-what-else-made-out-of-fireflies, it turns out that Beacon Hills is home to a serial killer! A man named William Barrow killed a bunch of kids by detonating shrapnel on a bus at some point in the past.

His explanation: They had glowing eyes. Which actually makes sense in this town. It is, however, still bad to commit mass murder.

It’s also really bad to have a tumor filled with scary flies that escape during surgery. That’s exactly what happens with Barrow, who then heads straight for the high school in order to take out more glowing-eyed kids or something like that. Also, he completes his own surgery with a stapler — just in case you didn’t think he was crazy enough.

But the police can’t find Barrow. Even the resident werewolves don’t catch the man’s scent in the halls. Only Lydia hears an annoying buzzing throughout the day.

Scott should never go anywhere for dinner

In the first two seasons of “Teen Wolf,” we saw Scott’s inability to have an easy dinner with a girl’s family whenever he got stuck at a table full of Argents. Season 3 moves Scott on to Kira and her well-meaning but oh-so-embarrassing parents.

They make Scott eat sushi. They also forget to mention that the green stuff is wasabi and not guacamole. It really isn’t Scott’s best dinner.

After dinner, things don’t get too much better. That would be because Barrow shows up to knock out Scott and kidnap Kira. Why? Actually, we’re not too sure about that — it probably has something to do with Kira’s “special” heritage through her mother’s line.

Meanwhile in a few other pairings

Everyone is paired off in this episode. Derek and Peter are off playing with the box they retrieved from those Mexican werewolf hunters. It seems to contain a few of Derek’s mother’s claws. The two Hales ram these into Derek’s neck so he can commune spiritually with his departed mother.

The results seem to be of some concern, but the details have to wait.

Ethan and Aidan really reenter the picture, desperate to get in good with Scott so their old enemies won’t beat them up. This means a return to school, a return to making out with Lydia and a return to pining over Danny (who has totally moved on).

Stiles and Lydia, of course, are the pairing that figures out pretty much everything. With Stiles figuring out that chemicals hid Barrow’s smell and Lydia deciphering a chemical code, they are well on the way to catching a killer. How do they know he’s after Kira? That would be three chemicals written on the board: potassium, iodine and radium. Their symbols are K-I-Ra, or Kira.

The final pairing of the episode is of Isaac and Allison. Over at the Argents’ apartment to search the bestiary for flies, hormones start to rise for these two. Allison protests that she’s not interested, but this is quickly betrayed when both boy and girl rip off their shirts.

This is when Dad Argent walks in unexpectedly. He isn’t pleased.

An awkward situation for Isaac turns downright deadly when he finds himself locked in Allison’s bedroom while demonic, ninja-like creatures circle.

And Kira is a … something

We may never know why Barrow went after Kira, but other information is more interesting anyway. The crazy guy takes the poor girl to a power-relay station where he subjects her to a lengthy discourse on the classic horror film, “Village of the Damned” (the original, not the remake). Apparently, this film made a strong impression on Barrow, and he has decided that evil, glowing-eyed kids are to blame for none of the adults taking action.

Despite photographic proof otherwise, Barrow is convinced that Kira has glowing eyes. He attempts to electrocute the girl, only briefly slowed by Scott and Stiles coming to the rescue. Sparks fly all over the place as the power goes out.

And then Barrow is dead. Kira, however, is not. She is instead sucking up all that electricity into her hands or something. She seems surprised by this. Scott is surprised too, but this kind of thing totally turns him on.

These two have a definite future, whatever the girl may be.

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