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In “Echo House,” “Teen Wolf” takes a long-overdue trip to the local nuthouse. Because obviously a town like Beacon Hills has an insane asylum. This works out surprisingly well for both Stiles and the nogitsune too — the kid gets a girl and the demon gets Stiles.

Fair trade? Answer for yourself with this recap.

Stiles has a special pillow

As if the world didn’t already adore Stiles, the boy has a special pillow. He can’t sleep without it! Awwww …

Unfortunately, Stiles doesn’t bring his pillow when he commits himself to the Eichen House mental hospital. But since Stiles is possessed by an evil demon who tends to show up when he’s sleeping, not even a special pillow is likely to help.

It’s not like he’s going to want to sleep in creepy Echo House anyway. This is a place where suicides (which happen more often on Mondays) are called accidents and where everything echoes … eventually. Oh, and Stiles’ roommate is full of bugs.

One of the only bright sides of the loony bin is that former were-coyote Malia is there. Sure, she’s angry at Stiles for helping turn her into a guilty, cold human. But she’s pretty! The two even hatch a plan to get Stiles into the basement, because why wouldn’t a trip to the haunted basement be a good idea?

By the way, let’s marvel at the fact that the small town of Beacon Hills has an insane asylum seemingly devoted to teenagers who think they’re Jesus.

Miss Morrell’s new job

The number of crazy teens is not likely helped by one of the Echo House therapists being everyone’s favorite guidance counselor and French teacher, Miss Morrell. Yes, the Vet’s dark counterpart is back! This time, she’s lecturing psychologically disturbed kids about guilt and handing out amphetamines.

Stiles benefits from the latter at least. After Morrell sees that he has funky marks on his skin — which indicate by their fading that the nogitsune is coming back — she makes sure Stiles has uppers so as not to sleep. Should the demon return, after all, her next drug will kill him.

She’s a nice lady, isn’t she?

The drugs work briefly, but are no match for injected sedatives. When Stiles and Malia conspire to get an orderly’s keys in order to find out what oddness is down in the asylum basement, Stiles ends up in the “quiet room,” pumped full of halidol.

This is bad. The nogitsune almost gets back in before Malia slaps her new buddy awake.

Argent’s non-lawyer gets to town

Meanwhile, outside the asylum walls, everyone else is having a rough time. For Argent and Derek, this means sitting in jail and chatting about berserkers and the possible need to kill Stiles at some point in the near future.

Argent does get a break from such pleasant conversation when his “lawyer” appears. She’s not really his lawyer — it’s the Spanish-speaking lady from several episodes back. You know, the woman who was torturing Derek and Peter for some reason.

She isn’t too happy with Argent. It seems that this woman is part of another werewolf-hunting family, one that sticks a little more closely to the Code. But after a few ominous threats from Hunters, the meeting ends.

Surely this will continue as a plot, because right now it makes no sense. Also, what’s the Spanish word for silver?

Getting the finger

Not wanting to kill his best friend, Scott spends the episode in a desperate search for a way to exorcise the nogitsune. The key seems to be a mystical Japanese scroll. Katashi the nine-fingered yakuza had it before his death, but no scroll turned up in the evidence.

That’s because it’s an itty-bitty scroll, small enough to be hidden in a prosthetic finger — a silver finger, that is. Allison figures this out and then leads the charge to get it away from the police. She designates Lydia as the planner — a good thing since the Twins mostly just want to attack — and the gang devises an ambush.

With the addition of Kira — who has wicked ninja-sword skills now — everything is ready to go and seems certain of success.

So of course the plan fails.

This is the fault of Kinkaid, the werewolf Silverfinger had working for him. Apparently, the scroll is worth a lot of money, and Kinkaid wants that money. He almost gets away with it before the Twins finally get their attack on and beat up the guy.

Scott doesn’t let them kill Kinkaid though. He just gives a short speech on strength and walks away into the night.

Back at the Vet’s office, it’s time to read the scroll. Alas, it’s in Japanese (which even Deaton doesn’t speak too well) and rather vague. All they learn is that expelling the nogitsune requires some sort of change to the host’s body.

To Scott, this means that he might need to turn Stiles into a werewolf.

Trepanation: Kids, don’t try this at home

Over at the nuthouse, Stiles and Malia explore the basement but only find some graphic illustrations of ancient psychiatric procedures. These include trepanation, an awesome word for drilling into someone’s head.

Because there’s nothing as erotic as antiquated and dangerous medical treatments, Stiles and Malia quickly get close. And then closer … And then they kiss … And then Malia pops off that shirt …

And then …

“Teen Wolf,” being an awful, mean, torture-loving show cuts away before a) any sexy times happen or b) Stiles takes off his shirt. But we can guess what happens next. Yay for Stiles!

Their hormonal urges satisfied, Stiles and Malia go back to hunting for nogitsune clues. Behind the wall with that backwards 5 on it (aka, the kanji for “self”), the two discover a body with a bandaged face. Is this the source of the nogitsune?

They don’t have time to figure it out. Mere seconds after Malia finds a photo (which is significant, even though the audience never sees it), there’s an attack from behind. It’s Oliver the roommate!

Yes, the kid who ate a fly is now totally nogitsune-controlled (being full of bugs will do that) and would really like to try out some trepanation. Strapped down, Stiles can only watch helplessly while Oliver approaches Malia with an electric drill.

This would be when the nogitsune makes his next advance. He wants Stiles to let him in, promising to save Malia if allowed. The boy resists briefly — for the obvious reasons — but then he passes out.

Next thing we see, the restraints are broken and Evil Stiles is back. Renfield-like Oliver gets punched out by a disgusted Stiles, and the day is saved!

Kind of.

Parting thoughts and funny quotes

One thing not addressed in this “Teen Wolf” episode: Isaac. It’s safe to say he isn’t dead, since that would probably get a mention. But he’s not up for desperate plans and werewolf attacks. Hopefully there will be more on this next week.

Also, note that Malia’s eyes are blue when they glow. That’s about right for a girl who feels guilt over killing half of her family. Will turning back into a beast take away the emotions? Will counsel from her probable father (and definite sociopath) Peter help?

  • “I can’t help you if you’re in here!” — Scott
    “And I can’t hurt you.” — Stiles
  • “Ma
    ke sure I never get out.” — Stiles
  • “Everything echoes … eventually.” — Oliver
  • “You would be surprised how many Jesuses we get.” — Oliver
  • “You’re a little weird. She’s a lot weird.” — Stiles
  • “We got lucky with Jackson. What happens when you don’t get lucky?” — Derek
  • “OK then. Missed our talks. Thanks for the illicit drugs!” — Stiles
  • “Screw you and your stupid riddles.” — Stiles
  • “Your family’s very complicated.” — Lady to Argent
  • “Give me the finger … You know what I mean!” — Scott
  • “Try to remember that I’m a were-coyote who murdered her own family. I won’t judge.” — Malia
  • “Was that your first kiss? Was it OK? Want to try it again?” — Stiles
  • “Every Dracula needs a Renfield.” — Nogitsune
  • “You let me in, I’ll let her live.” — Nogitsune

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