After death, horror and a Stiles kiss, “Teen Wolf” Season 3 is coming to its summer finale. The episode, “Lunar Ellipse,” promises the possibility of death, fighting and lots of other problems. Check out the sneak peek video for more.

What does this video tell us (or at least hint at) about the “Teen Wolf” summer finale?

  • Lydia is going to scream. Whether or not this is what Miss Blake wanted from her all along is not clear.
  • Unless it’s a flashback, there is an image of Stiles in action (right before a tree comes crashing through what looks like a hospital window). Thus, he’s not dead — not that this was likely.
  • Scott and Allison seem to be okay too (although the brief look at Allison doesn’t show her being happy).
  • “The guy that calls himself ‘Death, Destroyer of Worlds,’ we’re gonna trust that guy …” – Isaac
  • Scott and Deucalion are going up against Jennifer alone? What happened to all of the other Alphas? What happened to Scott’s buddies?
  • Finally, a clear image of Jennifer Blake as the darach!
  • It is possible to physically rip apart the Wonder Twins. Ouch.
  • Cora seems to be okay now. Angry, but okay.
  • Is Scott going to kill someone? That can’t be good.

The “Teen Wolf” summer finale airs Monday, Aug. 19 at 10pm on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown