teen wolf cast 320 'Teen Wolf' vs. 'Twilight': The cast sounds off on comparisons and a (potential) love triangle“Teen Wolf” has officially arrived, debuting its two-part series premiere following the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 5) and Monday. The cast has been all over the L.A. scene over the weekend promoting their new project, and Zap2it caught them not once, not twice, but three times to talk wolves.

  ]]>we got to know the cast and their characters on the set of the “America’s Best Dance Crew” Season 6 finale taping. They told us they’d love to get a Michael J. Fox cameo, and that their werewolves would totally gouge out Team Jacob’s eyeballs with their opposable thumbs — gross! Between the Spike Guys Choice Awards on Saturday and the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, we talked more “Twilight” comparisons and may have gotten some scoop on a potential love triangle involving Colton Haynes‘ character. “I don’t know if we wanna be like the new ‘Twilight,'” werewolf bad boy Tyler Hoechlin tells us. “I mean, that’s their thing and they’ve got a good thing going… We want to be the ‘Teen Wolf’ guys.” “We want their fans to watch!” Haynes quickly chimes in. “We’re nothing like ‘Twilight.’ The comparison keeps coming up, but you know, we have our own thing.” “I’m honored to be in that category. It’s fun that fantasy is being taken seriously again, but I would say we don’t take ourselves quite as seriously,” Holland Roden adds with a sly grin. “There’s a lot more comedy in ours.” Roden frequently practiced restraint while talking about the twists and turns that are undoubtedly coming up. “I can’t reveal what’s gonna happen and I want to so bad!” she says. “Just stay tuned — [executive producer] Jeff Davis would personally come kill me!” Haynes however, let it slip that he’s locked lips with both on-screen girlfriend Roden AND Tyler Posey‘s love interest, Crystal Reed. “I’ve made out with both of them,” he dishes. “They’re both equally exceptional.” This could mean two things: 1.) In addition to their frequent Halo tournaments and dance parties, the cast has indulged in some pretty serious spin the bottle games during their off time. 2.) Something goes down between Allison and Jackson this season. We can’t say for sure, but Roden does promise that the series “gets intense quick.” What do you think, Zappers? Will you continue to tune in Monday’s at 10? We know we will!

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci