colton haynes tyler posey teen choice 'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes talk favorite Season 1 moments and more“Teen Wolf” airs the first part of its Season 1 finale tonight on MTV, and the cast is looking forward to heading back to Atlanta in a few months to begin work on Season 2 of the hit series. Zap2it caught up with our friend Colton Haynes at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night — and his co-star Tyler Posey even popped in for a minute to look back on Season 1.

Haynes says that he doesn’t get jealous of his co-stars who get to wolf out. After all, he did already play a werewolf on ABC’s “The Gates.” “I’ve been there, done that, I’ve played the wolf,” he says. Now, he gets to skip the hours in the makeup chair that Posey has to endure. “I come in, I do my own hair; I just show up, put a jersey on and then we start working. They have to be there like four hours early. I just show up with my coffee and I’m like ‘Hey guys!’ and they’re all pissed at me.”

Not too pissed, though, because Posey notes that some of his favorite scenes are the ones with Haynes. “The one from the pilot with Colton and I when he pushes me up against the locker [stands out],” he says. “We were talking about steroids and eating chicken wings at the time.”

Leave it to a 19-year-old guy to remember exactly what was on the catering menu over a year ago.

Unfortunately for Haynes and Posey, “Teen Wolf” lost out on the Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci Fi award to “The Vampire Diaries.” Still, Haynes thinks Posey could take on TVD werewolf Michael Trevino any day.

Posey’s not quite as sure. “Is he big?” he wonders.

Check out our fun video below for more from the co-stars, including on which TV show Haynes would love to guest star. (Here’s a hint: he shares a manager with “Glee” teacher Matthew Morrison!)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie