jacqueline teresa twitter Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita tweet mixed messages after post apology callAfter “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice’s open-letter apologies to her fellow Bravo cast mates in In Touch on Wednesday (April 25), Jacqueline Laurita reached out to Teresa via Twitter, and the two chatted on the phone shortly after. However, Teresa and Jacqueline are tweeting two somewhat different versions of their call.

“I love how deeply you guys love all of us! @jaclaurita & I talked on the phone & agreed to take baby steps back to our friendship. xx,” Teresa writes, which Jacqueline seemingly concurs with in her own tweet, “Baby steps.”

Jacqueline then writes, “After insulting my husband,then rehashing the past,her animosity is still there&I think it’s going2take a while to get past this. Mayb 1day,” which she then follows up with, “My heart tells me that she’s not sincerely ready to move forward. I’m beginning to believe it was a PR clean up attempt. Sad.”

Teresa then tweets, “It took alot for me to call @JacLaurita esp after I watched Ep2 this morning.You’ll see. I’m trying & I’m going to keep our conv private.”

Do you think the apology was genuine?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper