real-housewives-of-nj-the-view-teresa-guidice-melissa-gorga-kathy-wakile.jpgTeresa Giudice doesn’t want to resolve “family issues” on “The View,” so attention “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans: Nothing was resolved on Friday (June 8) when Guidice, along with sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and cousin Kathy Wakile, visited the talk show. In fact, Guidice refused to share a sofa with her co-stars/family and admits she hasn’t talked to them since September 2011.

“We have family issues to resolve and I didn’t think today was an appropriate time,” says Guidice, who was interviewed solo first. “To me family’s the most important thing and there are things you need to discuss.”

Guidice maintains that Kathy and Melissa, along with Melissa’s husband (who is Teresa’s brother) Joe joined the show behind her back and she says she never would have signed up for a show had she known her extended family would be included.

But when Whoopi Goldberg asks if Guidice would be willing to give up the Bravo show to Melissa and Kathy in order to keep the family peace, she balks.

“I don’t feel I need to walk away. I’m really happy,” she says. “Why should I? I just wrote my third cookbook.”

For their part, Kathy and Melissa react calmly to Teresa’s refusal to share couch time with them.

“We found out yesterday that she didn’t want to sit with us,” says Melissa, who says Teresa was fully aware that she, Joe and Kathy were joining the show.

“We did not go behind her back,” says Kathy who, along with Melissa, agrees that all three will probably be back for yet another season of the reality melodrama.

[UPDATE: Teresa’s rep just got in touch with an official statement/last word on the topic for now:

“To be clear, Teresa Giudice was never informed at any time by her sister-in-law, cousin or brother that they were taking meetings to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey until after they signed their deals. In fact, Teresa’s family members went through the quite lengthy process of joining the cast which included meeting with the producers, network and negotiating their contracts, all without Teresa’s knowledge. Teresa finally received a phone call from her family after all of their contracts were finalized a mere two days before filming was set to commence with the surprising news that they joined the cast.” ]

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson