Deanwinters_terminator Sarah and company left their home tonight on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” She and John went to spend the night in a lighthouse. Lighthouses are of course your basic nondescript abode, the kind of place in which you can lay low and not be noticed. A lighthouse naturally is the exact right place to stay if you’re hiding from the world.

Okay, so Sarah didn’t bring John there because it was subtle, she apparently has had it as a safe house for a while. Plus, Charley was there. Sarah, I think, still kinda liked Charley, but her meeting up with him again on purpose further destroyed any attempt on her part to hide. Charley may not want to give up intel on Sarah, but when a Terminator asks a question, people tend to answer. Were Charley to ever have been captured after seeing Sarah it could have been an issue.

Ridiculous Sarah, she didn’t bother telling Derek that she and John were heading to the lighthouse, because she didn’t “trust him anymore.” Did Derek screw up? Definitely. Did he annoy me? Certainly. Should he be punished? Unquestionably. Can he still do a better job protecting Sarah and John and keeping their secrets than Charley? Without a shadow of a doubt. Shutting him out only hurts her and John.

Who knows, maybe Sarah really stayed at the lighthouse because it was near her doctor’s. Sarah had the lump in her breast examined tonight. Guess what? Not cancer, it was a cystic mass that formed around a piece of metal with a tiny wire — a transmitter. People were not only following her but the rest of the gang too.

So, you’re right, having a nice subtle house wouldn’t have made much of a difference, but that still doesn’t excuse Sarah’s choice of hidey-hole. And, just because John used a boat to escape, a boat that they wouldn’t have been able to use if they weren’t at a lighthouse (or somewhere else with a dock) still didn’t make it a good place to hide. Maybe if Sarah hadn’t chosen that place, Charley wouldn’t have died defending John.

Enough of that though, Savannah gave John Henry a bad idea tonight, a very bad idea. Savannah suggested to John Henry that he “change the rules” of the game he was playing. I guess that thought never struck John Henry before, because once he did change the rules the lights went dark and John Henry started acting all crazy, talking in a different voice, asking “what is this all about,” and hurting Savannah. I instantly thought that John Henry somehow woke up Cromartie.

I was wrong, it turned out John Henry’s daemons were going wonky and the rule changing was just a coincidence. Some intelligence from the outside apparently hacked the computer system and toyed with the Terminator. That definitely suggested a certain amount of knowledge from someone on the outside, but I still wasn’t convinced that John Henry didn’t initiate the whole thing by somehow changing the rules of his life.

They turned John Henry off, but I think that only gave him a Jesus-complex, because when they turned him back on he wrote on a computer screen “My God, why hast thou forsaken me.” If you’re biblically inclined you know that is something Jesus said on the cross (quoting, I think, Psalms 22). John Henry, was clearly biblically inclined, because he referenced being brought back to life once they hooked him back up to the net.

As it turned out, John Henry was not the sole son of God though, the worm that got him was a kindred spirit, born of the same base code. That would be base code written by some dude over at Cyberdyne Systems… Miles Dyson. How’s that for a name we haven’t heard in a long time? I love it when they reference stuff like that.

Bits and pieces:

  • Last week I wondered if Jesse knew she was pregnant before Cameron told her. That was still up in the air tonight, but it was very clear that Derek had no idea about it until Cameron told him.
  • There was also a moment tonight where Derek got captured and Cameron almost did, but it blew over very quickly. It was almost as though that was supposed to be a far larger part of the storyline but got cut to a couple of quick scenes.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser