touched upon that which has been sacrosanct in the Terminator world — Kyle Reese. More than one person has played John (a different person in every movie in fact), more than one has played a Terminator, and more than one has played Sarah. I guess it had to be Kyle's turn eventually.

Okay, many will say that it was okay for Kyle to appear tonight as he only appeared in Sarah's mind and Sarah was, quite possibly, woozy from her gunshot wound when she was imagining him. Perhaps it was the wooziness that caused her to imagine Kyle as the original Lucky Spencer from General Hospital. It's certainly only because she was woozy that she gave her real first name to the doctor she kidnapped. Plus, if she'd been thinking straight she would have worked out a way so as to not kidnap a doctor who was coming onto a shift and who would be instantly missed (it was just unlucky for Sarah that the doctor was friends with a cop).

For her part, Doc Burton, was actually willing to help Sarah as she figured that Sarah was being tormented by an abusive spouse. I'm not buying that bit. Burton may have believed Sarah to be in danger from an abusive spouse, but I don't think for a minute that she would help Sarah sneak back into the hospital to remove the bullet from Sarah's leg.

She did make the whole thing more believable, ordering Sarah to give up her gun and putting Sarah under prior to the surgery, but she didn't then turn Sarah in. How exactly, I ask you, is the hospital going to recoup the money for that surgery? I guess Burton was just lucky that the surgery was successful, what would she have done if Sarah had died on the table?

It may not have been Sarah's body, but by the end of the night Burton did have a dead body to deal with, that of the cop she shot who pulled the gun on Derek who pulled the gun on her. Burton actually opted to take the fall for that rather than blame Sarah. Sarah thanked her by telling Burton that everything Sarah had said about John and Kyle was a lie. Nice lady, that Sarah.

Other things happened too tonight… starting with Riley in the hospital after her unsuccessful suicide attempt. Derek was none too pleased by that, what with the authorities getting involved, but John didn't give him a choice. I also wasn't pleased, but for slightly different reasons, I would have let her bleed out because she's annoying, not because cops and doctors would ask questions. Okay, just because Derek agrees with me doesn't make me right, but Cameron agrees with me too, and if those two are on the same side of an issue there has to be something to it.

Jesse ended up pulling Riley out of the hospital at gunpoint, right out from under John and Cameron's nose. At some point John and Derek are going to work out exactly what Jesse's doing. I can't wait for that day to come.

And, as I've said before, the John Henry-James Ellison story continues to truly fascinate and astound. John Henry has apparently learned all about his body's history and tonight wanted to ask god why god didn't give humans more ball and socket joints as ball and socket joints allow for a wider range of movement than hinge joints. See, that's just plain awesome. I want to ask god the same question, and I want to know if the Yankees are going to win the World Series this year. Perhaps I just have to ask John Henry that last one, because he was smart enough to deduce that Weaver is metal, but not metal like he's metal (anything that can do that might be able to tell me about the Yanks).

Weaver appeared a bit scared by that information, but not as scared as she was when John Henry played a snippet of audio indicating that there had been some trouble at the warehouse Sarah had visited in the last episode. Weaver went there and blew the place up. She also killed everyone prior to blowing it up, just to make sure that no one would live to tell the story.

I, for one, hope that we get more Kyle in the future, who's with me?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser