Attending the funeral and listening to all those boring stories from the townspeople, just hoping to get a little bit of insight into Skynet, must have been hard on our heroes, it was certainly hard to watch, and by "hard" I mean boring. It was spiced up a little by Weaver having sent a "Mr. Walsh" to the funeral to hunt for someone who ought to have been amongst the dead but possibly wasn't.

I guess the problem was that I just don't care to see Sarah mourning over the guy, Ed, who tried to kill her. She spent a lot of time making nice with the widow, getting herself all agitated, and for what? Well, for a set of keys to a storage locker apparently, a set of keys that the widow just handed to Sarah. I ask you, if your husband were dead and you had this mysterious set of storage locker keys that you knew nothing about, would you hand them over to a random stranger? The widow did, I don't get it, but she did.

It was all so odd, plus there were dead cows, lots of dead cows. Cameron and John learned about them from a couple of mourning teens. Dead cows are never a good sign. Dead cows mean bad things, very bad things, especially when cows have been dying on a regular basis.

Mourning Girl Teen was also a liar. She discussed how she had buried her dad in a gray suit, and then how her dad was a pile of ashes. John was quick enough to put together that you don't throw a pile of ashes in a gray suit (or a black one even), so he knew something was odd about Mourning Girl Teen. There was also something odd about Mourning Teen Mom (not the woman Sarah was chatting up). John figured that Mom and Girl knew that Dad wasn't so much deceased. They based that on the fact that Mom and Girl didn't look at Dad's picture at the wake.

Wow. See, to me that sounded awfully thin, and unlike John, I even knew that Walsh was there looking for a not so dead guy pretending to be dead guy. It was quite the leap of logic John took, but Mourning Girl Teen confirmed John's suspicions, and even tipped him off that her house was bugged. Actually, at about that moment, Sarah found a huge video surveillance room under the not so dead guy's house and realized that the whole town had been under surveillance. As the video clips later proved, Dad was something of a killer. Clearly he needed to be tracked down, and seeing a boot, John figured he knew where Dad may have been.

Thin again, and not far off the mark (but off the mark). John took the gang back out to the dead cows, where now there was a dead Mr. Walsh, and magically, as if on cue, one of those fancy-shmancy three dot flying machines came out of the pool of nearby water. It flew to a not too far away truck and got driven off by someone who looked kind of like the not dead Dad. Poor John, he was so close to nailing the whole thing tonight, if only he'd known that there would be a big truck parked not too far away they could have blown the case wide open rather than letting the flying machine be driven off into the night.

I know what you're going to tell me. You're going to tell me that while maybe this episode was a little slow, it revealed more of the overarching mystery, that Sarah was vindicated with her three dots, and that they're building to something. You're probably right on all of those counts, I'm not going to argue with that, what I am going to say is that I wish the story had focused more on Weaver and her trying to understand how she should be dealing with her little girl on the anniversary of the crash that killed the little one's dad. Or, John Henry, it could have used some John Henry.

Don't get me wrong, what we got was fine. I just would have liked more sandwiched in to it. I think it would have been possible to condense the funeral bits a little in order to expand the other plots.

Okay, hit me (but do remember I'm not a machine from the future and therefore feel pain), were you pleased with tonight, or were you hoping for something more?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser