I know that it was a silly hope, but after last night’s Super Bowl (I knew my Giants could do it!) I had my heart set on the Fox NFL robot doing a crossover onto Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Ridiculous I know, but I think they could have made it work, and, let’s face it, while it wasn’t quite a commercial, the Terminator appearing with the Fox NFL robot was the greatest advertisement last night. Tonight’s episode was good, but without the crossover it just wasn’t all that it could have been.

The episode started off with our only recently re-skinned Terminator, Cromartie presumably, cajoling a plastic surgeon, in the way that only a Terminator can, to do some reconstructive surgery. When the body of the plastic surgeon was found on Monday morning, the not-quite-normal blood found with him alerted Ellison to the goings-on.

As the Terminator was smart enough to ask the plastic surgeon for a face that was the same as one the surgeon had already done, the video surveillance led Ellison down the wrong path. He found George Lazlo, the man the Terminator was made to look like, and got a blood sample. Naturally, Lazlo’s blood didn’t match the blood that was found with the surgeon (not that a little thing like blood that didn’t match would throw Ellison off the scent). Lazlo must have been watched by the Terminator though because as soon as he returned from the FBI building he was dispatched by his metal endoskeleton twin. Ellison was still scarily close to the truth by the end of the episode, but the odds that he can convince other members of law enforcement about his suspicions are slim.

On to the moderately less interesting plotline of the night, that of John, Sarah, and Cameron. Their tale got going when our friendly neighborhood Terminator informed her human companions that Cromartie had managed follow them through time and showed video to prove it. Sarah was all for running, but some smooth talking from John convinced her that they ought to stand fight, as Sarah previously said they would.

Cameron also managed to get a possible lead on Cromartie’s whereabouts, as metal used in the construction of Terminators had recently been diverted to a nearby port. They were running with the assumption that Cromartie may have needed the metal to help rebuild his metal skeleton. It was a false assumption, but at least it got them into a fair amount of trouble.

Their plan to blow up Cromartie hit a small snag though when the replacement Terminator metal was packed onto a truck by a Terminator who wasn’t Cromartie, and who didn’t personally need the metal. The basic assumption turned from Cromartie needing it to this other Terminator planning on making a bunch of other Terminators with the metal (there was enough metal for 530 metallic monsters). Either way, there was still some evil that needed handling.

John, in a brave, yet idiotic, move decided to ignore his mother’s advice and try to destroy the metal. He quickly found himself locked inside a moving vehicle with an armed guard for company. John managed to dispatch the guard and get off the truck when it reached its destination without being spotted, not that being locked in a different warehouse with the Terminator and more armed guards was a substantial improvement in his situation.

Cameron "cajoled" a worker at the original warehouse to tell her and Sarah where the metal was headed. As it turned out, it was going to a Terminator plant, and not just any Terminator plant, the Terminator plant where Cameron would be created at some point in the future (who said you can’t go home again?).

Upon their arrival at the plant, Sarah and Cameron found themselves in front of a huge locked door with John on the other side. The Terminator that had orchestrated the metal swindle and transfer had finished his assignment and so had dropped into standby mode. According to Cameron, John would have 15 seconds from the time the door opened to run before the Terminator rebooted and went active once more. Rather than just running though, John decided that he had to drive the truck, which still had some Terminator metal in it, out of the warehouse. The catch — John didn’t know how to drive stick. By the time Sarah helped him get the car in gear, Cameron was down and the Terminator was on them. One shotgun blast later and they were driving over the Terminator who Cameron then locked behind the massive door.

Some random thoughts and a question:

  • So, I understand that the show doesn’t follow Terminator 3’s story, but surely it sort of, almost, follows the rest of the Terminator rules and stories. When Cameron showed Cromartie’s head coming through the time rift the producers had yet another chance to explain how exactly the metal head of the Terminator (and the other body parts) were able to time travel despite the fact that non-living things can’t time travel (we know the show still stands by that last bit as they head Sarah, John, and Cameron appear in 2007 naked). However, the producers chose not to answer the question yet again, distressing me once more.
  • I was initially worried about this whole Terminator metal thing tonight. I mean, if a single Terminator could make 530 (or more) Terminators in the present it would mean that they didn’t really need to wait for Judgment Day to take over. Happily, that wasn’t what the new bad Terminator was doing. It seems as though (at least for now) Terminators stuck in the past can’t make other Terminators. They can however stockpile metal so that Skynet can make a lot of Terminators after Judgment Day. It’s quite the plan.
  • My question for the night deals with the Gollum story with which Sarah bookended the episode. Every week there seems to be a different voiceover tale. It appears as though that’s how this is The Sarah Connor Chronicles instead of the John Connor ones. Do these stories make the show better or are they drawing allusions and going for depth that just isn’t there? I’m still up in the air on it, but would love to hear your thoughts.

My one other thought for the night — go and visit The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, it’s totally worth it.

Posted by:Josh Lasser