Richardtjones_scc_240_002 Last week on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Sarah had some dreams. This week, it was Ellison’s turn. Maybe next week we’ll be treated Cameron dreaming. Anyone want to guess if her dreams are of electric sheep?

As for Ellison’s dream, he dreamt of digging up a body, a body that looked an awful lot (at least to me) like John’s. Okay, a little odd, but I sort of understand where such a dream could be coming from. But I can’t say that I understood what Ellison woke to find — Cameron in his backyard sticking a metal pole into the ground at various intervals searching for Cromartie’s body. Why exactly she figured that Ellison would have dug up the Terminator in Mexico and then reburied him in his backyard, I can’t tell you. I know that if it was me, I wouldn’t bury a metal man in my backyard no matter how many times said metal man had saved my life for no good reason, but Cameron was going on the assumption he had.

In some other part of town, Derek and Sarah were busting into Dakara Systems (they had a three dot symbol — you remember, like Sarah kept seeing last week and like is in their basement). They were yanking hard drives, hard drives that John later told them could do some sort of really spiffy AI thing, you know, if Dakara had the servers to actually be able to make the AI run. Enter Dakara’s need for some venture capitalist funding and Sarah going undercover to provide said funding.

Apparently Dakara’s computer program, Emma, has been of interest to the Air Force (so, that much more likely it could become Skynet). Dakara’s boss man, Alex, said to Sarah that before the drives were stolen, Dakara only needed 100 grand in funding — now it was ten times that. 100 grand? What kind of self-respecting computer start-up only needs 100 grand? My understanding is that 100 grand doesn’t cover the toilet paper these companies use daily.

Cameron was betting against Dakara building Skynet, but Sarah wasn’t and her next meeting with Alex confirmed that Emma could (with Sarah’s financial assistance) get the chip from the Japanese team that won the AI chess tournament back in season one. She and Cameron cashed in the Connor diamond stash to get the money. So now Sarah is helping Skynet get built? I’m not sure Sarah was thinking straight tonight.

Well, she was probably planning on stealing the chip if the thing worked, but she never got the chance. The chip was bogus. Alex had set the whole thing up, including hiring an actor to sell the chip to them. He was planning on taking Sarah’s money and making sure that his son (the genius behind the whole computer system who was more than a little socially awkward) was set for life. Silly man, he was trying to play Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor doesn’t get played… mostly.

The night also featured, early on, Jesse revealing to Derek — when he had her at gunpoint — her mission in the present. She has been out for Cameron this whole time. She (and who knows how many other people in the future) have been a tad worried about present John spending too much time with Cameron and future John growing erratic and isolated due to her.

Derek, upon learning about Jesse’s mission opted to do the sane, sensible thing — protect his charge and eliminate Jesse. Oh wait, he didn’t. He just bailed. He let Jesse run free and continue on her mission while he debated what to do. I can see him now, just like Rodin’s "The Thinker."

Jesse wasn’t so much a thinker though, she was a do-er, and she already had her pieces in play. Piece number one — Riley, who has apparently been working with Jesse against John all along (except she now may or may not have feelings for John). It could have been a good plan on Jesse’s part, if Riley wasn’t clearly damaged goods. Learning about Judgment Day sent Riley off Sarah Connor-like, yelling at her foster parents about the coming inferno and how nothing they were doing now mattered. Later, she went to go again insinuate herself into John’s life (John had gotten a weird vibe from her earlier and bailed).

In the end, rather than putting a stop to Jesse’s crazy plans, Derek revealed to her that he is John’s uncle and he revealed what he, Sarah, and the gang have been up to in the present. I guess he thinks just about as well as Rodin’s statue.

Ellison got to do more than just have a dream this week, he went to work one Monday to find Doctor Sherman dead. Babylon may have been responsible and Ellison got all freaked out. He should have been freaked out, if that machine has control of the building, it could go all Gremlins 2 if it could coax some Mogwai’s into eating after midnight.

Ellison went a-searching for the truth, and eventually ended up talking to John Henry (aka Babylon, and "steel-driving man"). Ellison quickly figured out that John Henry had no rules or ethics, he was all miffed by that. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but even with a name, John Henry is a machine, right? Sure, Henry took on a little bit more of a human appearance when Weaver got John Henry to talk through Cromartie at the end of the episode, but I’m still calling him a machine. I’m not at all surprised that John Henry didn’t care if he had been responsible for Sherman’s death.

Odds and Ends:

  • At the end of the episode Sarah looked in the mirror to find three little red dots on her face. Cancer or possibly from her fight with Alex?
  • Could you tell, I couldn’t, was Cromartie hooked up to the computers that make up John Henry, or had John Henry been fully downloaded into Cromartie’s body?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser