Lenaheadey_scc_240_002 I think we can all agree that last week’s Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles wasn’t the greatest episode ever. Fortunately, this week’s was far better, not wholly original, but far better.

Sarah told us tonight that the demons come after midnight, in the first three hours of the new day… “if you believe in that kind of thing.” I kind of bet that Sarah does, after all, she’s got metal monsters from the future after her, why not vampires, ghosts, and goblins too. The ghosts and demons — whether real or imagined — were certainly taking Sarah’s sleep this week. She had checked herself into a sleep clinic for it… or had she? Perhaps, rather than being in a sleep clinic she was actually being held hostage by persons unknown, persons affiliated with the metal works that Sarah was visiting until someone tasered her.

Fine, only I instantly thought the tasering was perhaps reality and the sleep clinic a dream (you know, like that Buffy episode). Admit it, whether it was original or not, you instantly thought it would be great to do the episode that way.

But, back at the sleep clinic, every time Sarah fell asleep she saw Winston, the security guard she killed at the factory. He was holding her in a van and was not amused with Sarah having killed him, nor her having found the metal works. Even the dreamcatcher Sarah had in her room at the sleep clinic didn’t seem to prevent the Winston nightmares.

Our Sarah though, she doesn’t take anything lying down, even her dreams. She fought back against Winston, getting Winston to accidentally stab himself with a hypodermic meant for Sarah. Then, she woke herself up in the sleep clinic, yanking off the electrodes on her head. She’s a fighter.

Honestly though, the way I see it, if the sleep clinic had electrodes on Sarah and were monitoring her sleep they would probably have had a pretty good idea that she was awake and running around as soon as she yanked the electrodes. The wasn’t actually the case. Sarah wandered around the clinic and stalked the nice nurse who was supposed to be taking care of her all the way to a locked door in the basement. If the clinic was in fact an evil place and they had Sarah under surveillance (as we were led to believe), I can’t imagine that no one would have checked on her until morning, which is exactly what did happen.

On the other hand, Sarah’s roommate, Dana, nearly burned to death in her sleep (that was the fear that kept popping up in Dana’s nightmares and caused her sleep issues). That definitely argued in favor of the clinic being evil, as did the nurse forcing Sarah to take sleep meds even though Sarah had made it clear she was anti drugs.

On the third hand, any evil sleep clinic that injects patients with something and then leaves the syringe with the patient isn’t being run by a brain trust. Sarah, whether because of her history or her lack of sleep, was wholly convinced that the locked room in the basement (which had a computer database with brain scans in it) was some sort of Skynet data gathering operation.

How wrong she was.

She had John delete all the data on her in the locked room, but no sooner did that happen than the nurse came in and dispatched Sarah and John with some well-placed bullets (Sarah tried to shoot her first but it didn’t take). It turned out that Sarah was really being held by Winston in the van, just as we all kind of figured from the very beginning of the episode.

No worries though, she put a bullet in Winston’s brain and escaped just as the episode was drawing to a close.

Just as an aside, the best of bit tonight (and I can’t dream of a world in which you don’t agree) was clearly Cameron smacking a vending machine forcing out tons of food, including John’s stuck potato chips. Those Terminators, they’ve got physics all worked out (even if it never really happened).

Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that Buffy episode, but it was similar, right? And, can we at least all agree that it was better than last week and certainly sparked some interesting possibilities about Winston. What do you think his deal is? Are we going to see him again?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser