Riley surprises Jesse at her apartment and attacks her. Apparently this weak, scared little girl from the future actually knows how to fight. Riley has figured out Jesse&#
39;s real endgame. Yes, getting John to pull away from Cameron was Jesse's plan, but not the way Jesse explained it. Jesse's plan was to have Cameron kill Riley, and have that be what caused John to turn away from Cameron. Jesse was always so dispassionate about Riley because she was mentally preparing herself for the fact that Riley had to die at some point in order to complete her destiny. "You know how few people get a chance for their lives to mean something? For their deaths to mean something?" Jesse shrieks. It all makes total, absolute sense. And I am now very upset with myself for not having figured out that that was Jesse's real plan.

The climactic fight scene between Jesse and Riley is a good one, at least for a human-on-human one. It's brilliant, actually, given that Josh Friedman was going around telling everyone this week that a whole lot of action would be forthcoming on the show. Anybody who knows the show would have assumed from those hints that we'd have Terminators wreaking havoc – and it's a brilliant fakeout because the climactic scene is actually two humans facing down. But the outcome is a given. Jesse has a lot of guns. Riley doesn't. In fact, the first time we see Jesse in this episode, she's shooting target practice, which in retrospect is an even bigger foreshadowing giveaway than a dead bird who had taken up residence in the Connor house. Riley takes a bullet in the chest, and that's that.

So Jesse ends up having killed Riley, instead of Cameron doing it. No matter; from the looks of next week's previews it just means Jesse will have to try to hint to Derek to hint to John that it really was Cameron, despite the fact that John was with Cameron most of the time. But John and Cameron have some secrets of their own. When Cameron fears she's on the fritz, she asks John to help her by using the technology from a box of old dead Terminator parts. It picks up on a subplot left dangling since the first season, when Cameron held on to the chip of a T-888 that she was supposed to torch. So John knows about that now, but presumably isn't telling Sarah. And there's something else they're not telling Sarah. Fearful of going haywire once again, Cameron plants a bomb inside her own skull, and provides John with the detonator, so that it'll be easy on him if he ever needs to kill her. The fact that Cameron gives the detonator to John and not to Sarah? Interesting, very interesting.

Are you satisfied with the twist in Jesse's plan for John and Cameron, dissatisfied, or do you just think there are even more twists to come for Jesse? Even if you didn't like Riley, did she have a good and honorable death scene? How do you think the dynamic between John and Cameron plays out now, after John learns of Riley's death? What's the ultimate significance of Cameron entrusting John and not Sarah with the detonator?

Posted by:Andy Asensio