terra nova premiere reaction 'Terra Nova' canceled, Season 2 will be shopped to other networksWell, “Terra Nova” fans, it seems the inevitable has happened… FOX has axed the time-travel drama from its schedule. FOX has confirmed TV Guide’s tweet that the producers of “Terra Nova” have been notified that the network has no plans to pick up Season 2 of the show.

Don’t despair too much, though. If you loved the first season, you may still have a chance to see more of the Shannon family and their prehistoric comrades. Word is that Twentieth Century Fox, the studio that produces the series, intends to seek out another network — possibly on cable — on which to continue the series.

The method has worked for shows like “SouthLAnd,” which was axed by NBC but later found great success on TNT. “Terra Nova,” however, is one of the more expensive shows on television right now, so it may be a difficult sell. Fans… time to start those letter-writing campaigns!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie