terra nova 'Terra Nova': First look at Steven Spielberg's time travel seriesThe first thing we said after watching the new trailer for FOX’s “Terra Nova”? “So… it’s like ‘Jurassic Park’ meets ‘Back to the Future’? We’re in!”

The network released a first look at Steven Spielberg’s new series coming this fall and it looks… ambitious. In a good way.

The concept? It’s 2149 and the world is in danger; the Shannon family is transported back
85 millions years to join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second
chance to build a civilization. “The only hope for our future lies 85
million years in the past,” the trailer reads.No pressure.

The special effects are stellar and the sets are amazing. The show is using CGI dinosaurs and green-screen technology to recreate the prehistoric world the characters are traveling back to.

The series stars Jason O’ Mara (“Life On Mars”), Shelley Conn (“How Do You Know”), Landon Liboiron (“Degrassi: TNG,” “Life Unexpected”) and Stephen Lang (“Avatar”).

Will you be checking out “Terra Nova” this fall, Zappers?

Posted by:tbricker