jason omara2 terra nova 'Terra Nova': Jason O'Mara discusses FOX's new series 140 characters at a timeIt’s not easy to coordinate an interview when your subject is some 7,000 miles and multiple time zones away. But it gets a little easier thanks to the Internet and Twitter.

Zap2it conducted a Twitter-based interview with “Terra Nova” star Jason O’Mara Friday (Saturday morning for him) from the show’s base in Queensland, Australia, in which he talked about the premise of the show, working within such a large, effects-heavy production and more.

Some highlights from the Tw-interview are below. You can follow O’Mara at @jason_omara.

On the show’s concept, in 140 characters or less:

“A family who get a 2nd chance & escape a dying world & travel 2 utopia. The problem? Utopia is never what it seems…”

On green-screen acting and his digital co-stars:
“Challenging! U have 2 use yr imagination 2 really see what isn’t there! The dinos are the stars. Their trailer is bigger than mine!”

On what makes “Terra Nova” different from other high-concept shows:
“There is a family at the heart of it. It’s about a frontier town and fresh starts. Other than time travel; not that high concept.”

On the relationship his TV family, the Shannons, have as they travel back in time:
“Shannons are unique. The only fully functioning family on TV! Strained is a good word b/c they have so much 2 deal with! But strong.”

And on what viewers can expect in upcoming episodes of “Terra Nova”:
“Look out 4 a huge Pterasaur Attack in Ep2 and some true romance in Ep3. We have so much in store! So many twists!”

“Terra Nova’s” two-hour premiere airs Monday, Sept. 26 on FOX.

Posted by:Rick Porter