terra nova 'Terra Nova' recap: Can't Take My Eye Off YouOh, the poor Shannons. All they want is a nice, relaxing day for a) Daddy-daughter day, b) a clandestine rendezvous with a soldier boyfriend, c) bartending, and d) surgery.

But then everything goes to hell when a meteor strikes, the ferrous metals emitting an electro-magnetic pulse, uselessifying the colony’s weapons and defenses, as well as trapping Jim and Zoe in a heretofore-unseen virtual library and Mark and Maddy outside the grounds. Also, the Sixers decide to strike while the colony is vulnerable, and they’ve got just the huge dinosaur to help them do that!

Elisabeth does her best to cope with the um, early 21st-century conditions in the infirmary and yanks a parasite from a young lad’s intestine, one of Skye’s buddies, who gives her the gears about being in love with Josh, which Skye denies because OF COURSE you would deny it. Elsewhere, Jim helps Zoe get over her fear of spiders so she can crawl through a short passage so she can pull the manual release lever and free them.

So while Boylan repairs the chip in the chip-maker (Boylan being some kind of munitions expert or so some damn thing), Taylor readies other defenses, like a moat of fire to repel the dinosaur the Sixers have sent. But that’s just a diversion, because the Sixers are actually there to retrieve that strange box for Mira. Jim and Taylor punch about fifty Sixers (or maybe that’s just what it felt like) but the Sixers are still able to escape with the mysterious box. It’s handed over to a dude who opens up a little computery type thing that displays all kinds of charts and data. And who is this dude? It’s Taylor’s son! He mutters darkly about his father soon needing to choose between his son and his precious Terra Nova.

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