terra nova 'Terra Nova' recap: Occupy Terra NovaThe future is coming, the future is coming! Taylor gathers up the troops and stations a team next to the portal to watch for the incoming colonists/army from Hope Plaza. The 11th pilgrimage starts to arrive without much excitement, but when Josh’s stupid girlfriend comes through, Jim runs over to hug her. Conveniently the next guy through is an unwilling suicide bomber and (unlike Brody on Homeland) his trigger mechanism works because it is apparently on a timer.

So the portal blows up, and all hell breaks loose as the army from 2149 is now untethered to a certain spot, and luckily arrive right near Terra Nova. But we get to see none of this battle because the show is too cheap to show us any kind of potentially awesome fight sequence. Instead we jump ahead three days and Jim’s got a massive case of tinnitus and starts walking around the occupied camp. Seems that while Josh’s dumb girlfriend was killed in the blast, Taylor and his men escaped scot-free and are now holing up in the jungle somewhere. Wash tried to hold off the future army from overtaking Terra Nova, but after too many civilian casualties, she caved and is now drinking her troubles away at the bar.

Malcolm is slowly working on the device that allows the future army dudes to go back to 2149 that some dinosaur (that we also didn’t get to see!) took down in the melee. In the meantime, Jim plays deaf and sneaks out of camp to help Taylor (who sent his location secretly via a marked bullet). The two happily stop all of the planned sonic explosions that are going to be used to clear-cut the jungle so the invaders can strip mine the land and take the ore back to 2149 for fun and profit.

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