terra nova 'Terra Nova' recap: Throw Momma from the CampEven Jim’s not so dumb that he’s not going to eventually find the spy in the House of Taylor, but not before Skye lies to his face and enlists Josh to do the same on the penultimate “Terra Nova” of the season. But Skye’s exit point is discovered, and a newly installed video camera reveals Skye’s outside-the-gate excursions.

Rather than confront her directly, Taylor and Jim try to bait her with info about a convoy, which they secretly kit out to try to ambush Mira in the inevitable raid. But the attack never comes, which lets Jim realize that Skye’s not providing the Sixers with any information that would put any colonists in harm’s way.

As this unfolds, though, Lucas has completed his work on the two-way portal and he uses Skye to factor and reconcile his work using The Eye, which is just a bit of gobbledygook that doesn’t have any kind of plot application except to make Skye make an extra trip. Anyway, Lucas’s formula is apparently A-OK, and he’s got big plans. Skye’s finally confronted by the head honchos, and she comes clean about what’s going on with her mother. Fortunately for everyone, Curran — the murderer-turned-double-agent Taylor has stashed in the Sixer camp — rescues her mom and brings her back to Terra Nova.

Maddy’s terrible plotline involves the core in her “plex” — the agenda/Kindle/iPod she uses — is burned out and the material for a new one isn’t readily available, so she goes through back channels — that involve her asking the market guy with no legs, and then Boylan, who at first refuses her, then almost agrees to her offer to help organize his papers. Then he realizes she’s the daughter of the sheriff and decides he’d rather not give the sheriff’s daughter access to his books.

Anyway, Taylor’s mad, his son Lucas (who, it turns out, blames his dad for his mom’s death) has gone back through the portal with the threat of returning with the people that will depose Taylor and mine Terra Nova for everything it’s worth. Going to be difficult to write the family Christmas newsletter this year, I imagine.

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