terra nova 'Terra Nova' recap: You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape, and You Don't Mess Around with JimTaylor heads outside the gate on a Lucas-update mission. Once again I’d like to point out how ridiculous it is that Terra Nova ever sends anyone — let alone the leader of the camp — out into the world of vicious dinosaurs and Sixers by themselves, but here we go again. He’s ambushed by Mira, but he manages to turn the tables, only they find themselves being stalked by a pair of adolescent slashers who are marking their territory. So they have to work together to fend them off — using whittled bows and arrows and a staff with flaming pitch — and earn a grudging mutual respect for one another. Had they been out one more night, we probably would have had a sex scene. Anyway, we learn that Lucas is close to figuring out how to make the portal work both ways. Not coincidentally, we’re close to the end of the season!

Back at the camp, Jim has been left in charge by Taylor, because why wouldn’t Taylor trust the recent arrival who broke the rules to get there and recently went behind Taylor’s back to investigate him? Jim has some awkward moments with Mark, who wants to discuss Maddy’s dowry or something. Jim’s also got free rein to be a raging prick with Malcolm, except when he needs Malcolm’s help. See, Jim’s tasked with finding the spy, sentries spot someone flashing signals from outside the camp to someone inside. Jim and Mark arrive at the site too late to find out who in Terra Nova is communicating with the Sixers, but it turns out to be Skye. She eludes them, but she’s cut herself on the shard of mirror she was using and leaves a little blood at the scene, so Jim enlists Malcolm and Elisabeth’s help to identify the DNA. Skye — who’s providing the Sixers with intel because they have her mother, who isn’t dead, but very ill — uses her job at the infirmary to secretly destroy the blood sample, but Elisabeth’s at least able to narrow it down to a female, and since it’s someone who has access to the infirmary, the suspect list has been whittled to forty-seven names.

Oh, and Zoe’s having a hard time saying goodbye to the stupid ankylosaurus that they rescued, and I can’t help but think that the scene where they set it free in the wild would have been a lot more touching if the ankylosaurus had been seen or even mentioned since that episode where they fixed its egg. They should have just flushed it down the toilet like the urban legend about all the giant former pet alligators living in the New York subway system.

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