terrell owens Terrell Owens hospitalized for undisclosed reasons

Terrell Owens, the Pro Bowl receiver who is looking for a team, was hospitalized last week for undisclosed reasons.

According to TMZ reports, an ambulance was called to Owens’ Los Angeles apartment on Thursday (Oct. 6) night. The police were also on the scene and spoke with Owens when he arrived at the hospital. A rep for Owens was contacted by TMZ but had no comment.

With so few details, it is dangerous to speculate on the cause of Owens’ hospitalization — however, Owens was hospitalized in 2006 for an alleged suicide attempt via pain pill overdose. Owens publicly denied the claim, stating that he merely suffered a bad reaction to painkillers; however, police reports seem to back up the suicide claim. TMZ is speculating that this recent hospitalization was due to similar circumstances. 

Owens tore his ACL in April 2010 and had been rehabbing in an attempt to join an NFL team this season. He recently told ESPN that he would be ready to return in “[a] month or less.”  

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