According to Terrence Howard, he’s not the type of guy who will attack a woman. It doesn’t seem to matter to him that there have been numerous allegations from women in his life that say otherwise, most recently his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.

Reports came out earlier this week that Howard reportedly beat Ghent while on vacation in Costa Rica. She is expected to file a restraining order (again), but he claims that the fuss is over nothing.

“Unfortunately I’ve tried to help people and it’s not necessarily in the same enlightened path, of trying to help themselves,” Howard tells ET. “We’re divorced now, and she should stay that way. And I just wish the best for her, but as far as me harming somebody … I really can’t harm a fly. It’s completely against my spirit, but I’m so heartbroken, that you can see that doing it on a night like this is only for an attempt to try and hurt me.”

He continues, “[The allegations are] completely wrong, unfortunately, there are some documents that will come out and will tell everything that has occurred, but I never laid my hands on that woman. Or any woman, that’s just not my way.”

Do you believe him?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz