Each Friday, the Zap2it staff features five essential things we found [cool] [interesting] [useful] [hilarious] [poignant] [stupid] in the past week. Do you have your own Friday 5? Share them in the comments section below.

#1: Texts from Hillary Clinton
Tumblr is one of the best things ever created when it comes to channeling raw creativity into a slick package in as little as five minutes. Short of a Nobel Peace Prize, we’re not sure there’s a way to give Clinton bigger props. Or funnier ones. [See more at textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com]

#2: Lindsay Lohan ages in 60 seconds
This really only gets frightening — and frighteningly familiar — towards the end.

#3: Pop-up ‘Mad Men’
We’re not sure you saw this, so we wanted to pitch it one more time. And even though we made it, we still think it’s one of the LOL-est things we saw in the past seven days. [More of the same here.]

1 harry don Texts from Hillary Clinton, Emma Stone's dance bombs, 'Lola Versus'...
#4: Emma Stone dances behind people
Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres.


#5: ‘Lola Versus’
Greta Gerwig’s new rom-com (co-starring “The Killing’s” Joel Kinnaman, who is suddenly everywhere) won’t be in theaters until summer, but the trailer is here and it’s good stuff.


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson