has asked the FBI for help following the publication of a picture of the actor's body in a Thai newspaper.

Carradine's family members say they're "profoundly disturbed" by the publication of of the photo in Thai Rath, a tabloid newspaper in Bangkok. Carradine, 72, was found dead in his hotel room on Thursday, and Thai authorities say they've ruled out foul play.

The photo in Thai Rath shows a naked body hanging from a bar in a closet, the Associated Press reports. The hands are tied together above the head, and the feet are on the floor. The face is obscured.

Keith Carradine, half-brother of the "Kung Fu" and "Kill Bill" star, says the family will take legal action if the photos are distributed more widely. Keith Carradine has also filed reports with the FBI that could lead to the bureau becoming part of the investigation, and the family also wants a second autopsy performed.

The photo that appeared in Thai Rath is probably a forensics shot taken during the investigation, Thai police say.

Mark Geragos, the family's lawyer, tells the AP that the family is taking action because they've received very little information from Thai authorities. "All we really know is not much more than what the public knows, and that's disturbing," he says.


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Posted by:Rick Porter