ricky gervais golden globes dianetics Report: Ricky Gervais beaten with copies of 'Dianetics' during Golden GlobesIf you have used the internet at any point in the last year, chances are you’re at least a little familiar with Taiwan’s NMA.tv, which dramatizes American news with hilarious, crudely assembled computer-generated reenactments.

They’ve issued their official report on what happened to Ricky Gervais during his M.I.A. hour at the Golden Globes, and it’s a appropriately colorful.

Not only does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association berate him for his critical monologue, Hugh Hefner assaults him with a sex toy and some ambiguous-looking Scientologists literally come out of a closet to beat him with copies of “Dianetics.”

The kicker combines references to “Home Improvement” and Operation (yes, the game), resulting in what will likely be the most absurd 10 seconds of your day:

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