thanksgiving kyra sedgwick matt barr jessalyn gilsig gi 500 Thanksgiving in Hollywood: Celebs share their holiday plansThanksgiving has changed ever since the first 17th century celebration that didn’t even feature turkey. (Just ask “Next Iron Chef” winner Marc Forgione.)

Regardless if you brine your turkey or prefer it deep-fried, get together with friends or family or even go out of town, how you celebrate Thanksgiving is a personal choice for everybody. Even “Glee” star Jessalyn Gilsig, who’s Canadian, has plans for Thanksgiving, although it doesn’t include turkey.

Here’s a look at a few names in Hollywood and how they’re tackling Turkey Day:

Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer”

“We always have a big family Thanksgiving — the Bacons and Sedgwicks and also people that don’t have anywhere else to go. We love friends coming, anybody who doesn’t have a place to go, they can come over.”

Matt Barr, “Hellcats”

“I’m gonna be in LA. My sister lives there, and my dad’s going to fly out from Texas. Believe it or not — I can’t believe I’m going to admit this — my dad’s obsessed with Marie Callender’s. Every Thanksgiving it’s like us and a bunch of old people. You’ve got to flash your AARP card or you can’t get in. They have killer pie, man, what can I say?”

Jessalyn Gilsig, “Glee”

“My daughter’s father is American so that’s sort of their holiday so that’s one long weekend out of the year I feel free opportunity to go away. I just got this crazy opportunity thanks to “Glee” — it’s really disgusting I can’t believe how great it is — to go to Berlin. I’ve never been and I’m so insanely excited. Apparently if I do that thing where you have a detached look you’re supposed to have at a fashion show sitting in the front row watching the clothes go by, they’ll fly me to Berlin to sit in the front row.

“People want to know what I’m wearing apparently. I’m kind of nervous, but I should go as Terri because Terri has complete confidence. There was a fur vest I had to wear one day, maybe I’ll wear that. It’s only for a couple days, but I’ve never been to Germany and it’s a big opportunity to go. I guess everybody else is celebrating Thanksgiving, so they said, ‘Well, Jessalyn will go. The Canadian will go.'”

Anthony Bourdain, “No Reservations,” “Top Chef All-Stars”

“You know, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, eggnog, you know, like that. The best part of Thanksgiving is the next day, it’s the leftovers the next day cold turkey sandwiches.”

Tom Colicchio, “Top Chef All-Stars”

“I will spend the early part of the day feeding people who are a little less fortunate. And then after a little later I will have dinner. My dinner is the same one I’ve been doing for a few years now. It’s a very traditional start, maybe start with a chestnut soup. It’s roast turkey. You can get a recipe for my stuffing I think in the last issue of New York Magazine. It’s a golden raisin semolina stuffing that I make with pork breakfast sausage. And only because I have a restaurant, and I have access to it, there is a lot of pork belly and foie gras scraps thrown in there for good measure.”

(Bourdain then chimes in, “Screw my family dude. I’m coming to your house.”

Chris Fedak, “Chuck” co-creator

“It’s not specific to Thanksgiving — it’s specific to the meal after Thanksgiving. I demand real mayonnaise for my turkey sandwich. There’s nothing more terrible than [when] it’s Thanksgiving night, you’ve had your dinner … it’s a few hours later, you’re ready for your sandwich, and you go to the refrigerator and there’s no real mayonnaise. So I’m an advocate of that.”

Marc Forgione“The Next Iron Chef,” “Iron Chef America”

The restaurant’s open, so we’ll do our thing. It’s usually a fun thing at the restaurant. My family is usually at the last table and after working all day I sit down with them and we give thanks for having each other. I grew up with chefs, so my dad would join the party after service like I just said. As a teenager I would always go to work at An American Place. I don’t really remember the first time I helped cook Thanksgiving. I started cooking when I was 10 or 11 years old.”

Also take a look at his family’s recipe for “unbelievable” maple-whipped sweet potatoes.

What are you Thanksgiving traditions or plans this year?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen