andy samberg adam sandler thats my boy Andy Samberg: 'Saturday Night Live' was 'incredibly demanding'On Friday (June 1), Andy Samberg officially announced he won’t be returning to his steady gig on “Saturday Night Live” and at a Saturday press conference for his new movie, “That’s My Boy,” he joined fellow “SNL” alum Adam Sandler in waxing nostalgic about the long-running show.
“It’s extremely emotional and sad for me, but I also just felt like it was the right time,” Samberg tells Zap2it. “I’ve been there seven seasons; the digital shorts were incredibly demanding to get done so often.”

“The two guys I worked with consistently from Lonely Island had both been moving on for a while, and had been coming back to help me, but it was tough to keep them on the hook, so to speak,” he continues. “There really wasn’t any one specific reason, it was more just a feeling I had that it was time to move on.”

Sandler also recalled the day he left “SNL,” and described how rough it can be to see the show carry on without you.
“I remember watching the show thinking, ‘Oh s***, they can do it without me.’ That hurts,” remarks the star. “You’re scared. ‘SNL’ is a home. You got all your brothers and sisters there. It’s 20 shows a year; you’re going to definitely get on some of them, and get to do your thing. When that goes away, you’re definitely like, there’s no life jacket. You’re on your own. You’ve got to figure it out. But like Andy said, ‘Alright I’ve done what I’ve got to do.’ I don’t want to repeat myself.”
As for Samberg’s next moves, the 33-year-old has two movies out this summer: “That’s My Boy,” in theaters on June 15, which casts him as Sandler’s son in a typical Sandler comedy; and “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” an indie flick written by and co-starring Rashida Jones
Otherwise, Samberg says he has no concrete plans.
“I mean obviously, I hope to get to keep doing movies, and hopefully I’ll make another record with Lonely Island,” he comments. “You know, I’m just trying to be happy.”
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