the 100 episode 3 earth kills recap 'The 100' episode 3 recap: An unlikely murderer changes everything on the ground As dark as “The 100” has been so far — with the mass executions, sending children down to a dangerous, unknown environment and the cruelty the teens have shown on the ground — nothing prepared viewers for the extremely dark episode 3, “Earth Kills.”

Seriously, who would have thought the sweet, little girl seeking comfort for her nightmares would turn around and straight up murder one of the main characters who had done literally nothing wrong to anyone for the entire show? His one transgression was even revealed not to be true, making him a truly good guy. RIP Wells, your death will not go unnoticed.

Nope, Wells’ violent, shocking, brutal death is about to change everything on the ground. Since no one knows who killed him, tensions will run high among the 100, with blame falling on more than a few innocent parties. But there is also the added consequence of everyone realizing they’re no safer on the ground than they were on The Ark. They could die at any moment for any reason: From nature, from the mysterious Grounders, and now, even from each other. And would you believe it if we said this show still hasn’t reached its darkest point yet? Because it hasn’t. “The 100” is truly holding nothing back, and it’s working.

So what went down in “Earth Kills” that led up to Wells’ murder? His future murderer, a little sweet girl named Charlotte, continued to suffer from nightmares down on the ground. Clarke comforts her with kind works, but she’ll definitely come to regret that later. She’s got other things on her mind, though, like healing Jasper. Bellamy threatens to kill Jasper if he doesn’t get better in one day since his moans are driving the rest of the camp crazy. Bellamy doesn’t think that Jasper can actually get better, but Clarke has hope. She notices a red root that the Grounders used on Jasper’s wounds, and Wells recognizes that it’s seaweed. Finn knows where a water source with the seaweed is, so the awkward trio sets off to find it. They encounter a car on their way, which comes in handy after they get the seaweed and notice an impossibly large and scary orange fog rolling in fast that burns their lungs. They run and take cover in the car.

When the orange fog rolls in everywhere, Bellamy, Charlotte and Bellamy’s crew were off hunting for food and are forced to split up and take shelter in caves. But Octavia’s crush Adam gets caught in the fog, and Bellamy can’t save him.

In the caves, Charlotte bonds with Bellamy and he gives her a knife to teach her how to hunt and kill. He will also come to regret that later, especially when he tells her to slay her demons in real life so she won’t have nightmares anymore.

In the car, Clarke and Finn get wasted on whiskey they find in a seat. A drunk Clarke gets into a fight with Wells about how he betrayed her and her father, and she tells him that she wants him to walk out into the fog and never come back. Finn starts to wonder why he isn’t defending himself against Clarke’s hurtful insults and jabs.

After the fog clears, Bellamy finds Adam suffering horribly, with his eyes bulging, boils and chemical burns covering his body, blood pouring out of his mouth. He’s clearly in unbearable pain, and he desperately asks Bellamy to kill him. But Bellamy can’t do it, despite all his earlier bravado about killing. Clarke finds him in the woods over Adam’s body, struggling to do what’s necessary, and she takes over. She hums and stabs Adam’s carotid artery while Bellamy looks on, impressed. She strokes Adam’s hair until the life drains from his eyes, and Charlotte looks on from afar, noting how Clarke killed the guy so quickly.

While all this pain and suffering goes on down on Earth, flashbacks show much happier times up on The Ark. Clarke’s father is still alive, and her family and Wells and his father, the Chancellor, are all together. But when Clarke’s father figures out The Ark is dying, Clarke overhears him telling her mom that he wants to disobey the Council and tell everyone on The Ark to better their chances of finding a solution. Clarke confides in Wells about how her father wants to go public, and her father gets arrested and floated right before her very eyes.

Back on the ground, Finn helps Clarke realize that Wells wasn’t the one to turn in her father. Even though Wells was the only one she told, he wasn’t the only one who knew. Clarke asks Wells for the truth, and he confesses that her mother was the one to turn in her father to Jaha, and he just took the fall from Clarke so she wouldn’t hate her mother. The two repair their friendship.

Back in the launch pod, after drinking the seaweed tea Jasper wakes up, and it’s smiles all around. He’s okay! Jasper’s survival starts to give everyone hope that maybe they can survive on the ground. But unfortunately, something else occurring on the perimeter of the camp is about to change all that forever.

Little, sweet Charlotte joins Wells while he sits on watch, and tells him she found a way to make her nightmares stop. Out of nowhere, she jabs her knife into Wells’ neck like she saw Clarke do with Adam, and sits and hums to him while he violently chokes to death on his own blood. She calmly tells him she sees his father’s face in her nightmares killing her parents, and when she wakes up she sees his face in Wells’, and “nightmare never ends.” But on Earth for everyone, the nightmare is only just beginning.

Did you see Wells’ murder coming? How depressing is it knowing that Clarke and Wells only just made up, and now her best friend is dead? How will this affect the rest of the 100?

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