the 100 season 1 finale battle scene 'The 100' showrunner teases Season 1 finale's big, 'epic' battle against the Grounders As dark as “The 100” has been all season long, it’s about to get even darker.

The Season 1 finale continues (and ends) with “We Are Grounders — Part 2” on Wednesday (June 11), and the climactic battle scene against the Grounders that has been brewing all season is packed with so much action, gore and effects that for a moment, viewers will forget they’re watching an hour-long TV episode. The battle is just that good.

After screening the episode early, Zap2it got “The 100” executive producer Jason Rothenberg on the line to talk about the insane, “crazy” and “epic” showdown between the 100 and the Grounders.

“First of all, I want to give a hat tip to our producing director Dean White,” Rothenberg says. “He does many of our episodes, some of which I wrote, and is already going to do six next year, so he’s a huge creative part of this show. We could not have done it without him.”

Rothenberg is extremely grateful to both White and the rest of the crew for being able to pull off the “incredible” action in the episode. “Every episode, to me, is like a little movie, and we wrote all these almost-unproducable television scenes, like movie scripts within a television show,” Rothenberg says. “Our crew in Vancouver, including Dean, are all just magicians who figure out ways to actually make it happen, and the finale more than any other. The finale really is a big movie with episode 12 and 13 together.”

So how did Rothenberg approach planning out such a complicated battle sequence? 

“Originally we decided to use a movie like [1986 film] ‘Platoon’ as the model, which is a war movie where there are a bunch of American soldiers being attacked in the third act by hundreds of enemy soldiers, but you only see about five of those enemies at a time,” Rothenberg says. “But you never miss that you’re not seeing those other enemies. [‘Platoon’ director] Oliver Stone was able to show that there were hundreds of people attacking only by hearing radio signals and things like that. And that’s where we began. That’s what we intended to do. But little by little, we found more money and the studio was generous and the network was generous and we were able to get hundreds of extras. We had about 200 Grounders which is crazy.”

Rothenberg still can’t believe that he was able to go bigger and do more as time went on, instead of having to scale back. 

“All of the scenes where I wrote that we hear things on radios — we hear Jasper screaming on the radio, ‘There’s too many of them! We’re pinned down! We’re surrounded!’ — all of those scenes in the original draft of the script, we ended up shooting the other end of the radio!” Rothenberg says. “Those scenes weren’t even scripted, and thanks to Dean, who’s a mad man, we were actually able to bring those scenes to life.”
Rothenberg continues, “We were running and gunning through the woods, picking up moments here and there in the big battle. So there are literally like five different scenes with the camera turning and checking out this moment here, then that moment there in that fox hole or that bunker to the left, and it’s just insane, guerilla filmmaking.”

It’s also something that you definitely don’t want to miss, as “The 100” delivers not only one of the best scenes to date with the battle against the Grounders, but also one of the best episodes of TV in history with “We Are Grounders — Part 2.” Be sure to watch the finale when it airs Wednesday (June 11) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum