the 100 we are grounders part 1 recap 'The 100' Season 1 finale 'We Are Grounders   Part 1' recap: War is coming “The 100” isn’t holding back with its Season 1 finale. And be honest: Did you honestly expect it to? Pause for laughter.

Part 1 of the epic and action-packed two part finale aired on Wednesday (June 4), and for a moment, as the words “To be continued …” showed up onscreen at the end of the hour, we forgot that there even was a second part. “We Are Grounders — Part 1” was so intense, so insane, so dark and ended on such a cliffhanger for every single character that it could have been the end of Season 1 right there. Thank goodness it’s not — Part 2 airs next Wednesday (June 11), and is sure to be even more of an emotional roller coaster (seeing as how no one died in Part 1 … that we know of). So what went down in the first hour? Let’s dive right into one of the best episodes of TV we’ve ever seen — seriously, this was blockbuster movie quality ish right here.

Things are not looking good up in space. In 51 hours, life on the Ark will not be possible, and Chancellor Jaha tells his fellow leaders to make peace with death. He also releases all available resources to the survivors. Use it while you still can. You can’t take it with you, and all that. However, Kane doesn’t accept that there’s no hope left and isn’t content to just navel gaze for the last remaining hours of life he has left.

Things aren’t much better on the ground, as the Grounders are about to invade the camp. The 100 are mining the surrounding area of camp, hoping to slow them down. Bellamy thinks Clarke, Finn and Monty are gone for good and refuses to spare anyone to search for them, but Raven still thinks there’s hope that they’re out there.

And Raven’s right, but that’s all the good news there is about Clarke. Still a captive of the Grounders, Clarke meets Tristan, sent by “The Commander” to take over Anya’s unit (and riding one scary, two-headed horse). He says he’s going to wipe out Clarke’s people. But all of a sudden, Anya and Tristan notice a fire warning from far away and they both look worried, saying the “reapers” are coming. Reapers? Are those like reavers from “Firefly?” Because that’s not good.

Anya and Tristan move out with the troops, leaving behind one Grounder to kill Clarke (the same Grounder who says he killed Finn already). But it turns out to be Lincoln hiding in plain sight! He saved Finn and brings Clarke to him after lighting the fire warning, drawing Anya and Tristan away. But the Grounders quickly realize it was a distraction, and Lincoln, Finn and Clarke run through mine tunnels where Tristan and Anya won’t follow.

Lincoln tells Finn and Clarke that Tristan and Anya didn’t follow them into the tunnels because the reapers use them. When they ask what reapers are, Lincoln only says, forebodingly, “I pray you never find out.” Yeah, it’s sounding more and more like reavers (according to executive producer Jason Rothenberg’s Twitter, the correct way of writing these new terrors is Reapers, but we’re sticking with reaper/reaver because the resemblance is pretty uncanny). Lincoln also tells them why he’s helping them: It’s not just about Octavia. He thinks what his people are doing to theirs is wrong. But okay, it’s also Octavia. Also: Gratuitous abs shot as Clarke treats Lincoln’s wound from an arrow in his side. Thanks, “The 100!”

Lincoln uses a map in his sketchbook to navigate the tunnels, and when Finn asks how he mapped the tunnels if he never went into them before, Lincoln tells him the book is a spoil of war. Who did he take it from? A reaper/reaver? However, he can’t get into any more detail because they come across a group of reapers/reavers. They spot a whole bunch of figures dancing and jumping around in firelight and it sounds like a group of monkeys, not too scary. That is, until they notice a cart full of bodies in horror. What is going on?!

Back in camp, Jasper accidentally catches Murphy as he kills Myles (since Myles was the one who tied the noose during Murphy’s hanging), and though Jasper tries to play it cool, Murphy gets to a gun first. Murphy holds him at gunpoint while closing the door to the drop ship, sealing them inside while Bellamy hears everything through Jasper’s walkie. Murphy holds Jasper hostage while Bellamy tries to figure out a way to get inside the ship to get ammo and save Jasper, and that involves trading himself for Jasper.

Raven and Jasper find a way in through back panel of the drop ship after Bellamy turns himself in to Murphy. While figuring out how to get out of the walls and into the actual ship, Raven and Jasper find a whole ton of flammable liquid to make even more bombs to use agains the Grounders, but that’s on the to-do list for later. Because right now, Murphy is making Bellamy tie his own noose as his final act of revenge. Raven, work faster at opening that door!

Up on the Ark, while enjoying a nice bottle of 97-year-old scotch, Jaha watches a video of a young Clarke and Wells rehearsing for their Unity Day pagaent in much simpler times, and hearing them sweetly ask about how the Ark stays in space gives Jaha an idea. He wants to use the Ark as one final Exodus ship, using the thrusters usually keeping the station in space to propel it towards Earth. Though 95% of the ship will explode in the descent, Jaha wants to figure out the 5% that won’t, and gather everyone there as they head home — to Earth. It’s the only idea they’ve got, and it seems like everyone is one board. Will the adults safely make it down to Earth?

Back in the tunnels, Lincoln leads the reapers/reavers away from Finn and Clarke as a distraction and tells them to use his map to get Octavia and the rest of their people away from their camp before Tristan’s scouts arrive. He tells them of a clan in DC run by a friend that will take them in. Lincoln kills one reaper/reaver, and the rest follow him. But before Clarke and Finn run in the opposite direction, they notice, again in complete horror, that all the bodies in the carts … are actually still alive. And suffering. Immensely. But while they stand there in shock at what they’re seeing, a reaper/reaver finds them still in the tunnel and attacks them, and Finn makes his first kill — with a rock to the head.

Back at camp, things take a turn for the much, much worse. Murphy makes Bellamy put the noose around his neck and he dangles dangerously while Murphy gloats about killing him. Raven accidentally shocks herself while trying to get the door open, and Murphy hears her under the floorboards. He thinks it’s Octavia trying to save Bellamy, so he shoots at the floor and uses all his bullets. Did he hit Raven? When Bellamy notices that Murphy is out of bullets, he tries to get the noose off his neck but Murphy is too quick: He kicks over Bellamy’s stool, and hangs Bellamy!

If you’re able to sleep soundly after watching that chilling scene of Bellamy’s legs jerking around as he gets strangled by his neck, then you have no heart or soul. Major kudos go to whoever directed this scene, and whoever decided to shoot from the POV of the ground looking up at Bellamy dying slowly and violently. Wow. How much do you want to bet this is the only CW show to feature not one, but two teens getting hanged?

Raven finally gets the door open (guess she’s still alive!) and Jasper saves Bellamy in the nick of time. Murphy hurries up to the upper floor and locks himself in as everyone else rushes in to the drop ship. Bellamy angrily breaks th
rough the door just as Murphy blows a hole through the ship wall with gunpowder and runs off into the woods, making his escape once again. Bellamy tells Jasper the Grounders will take care of Murphy, and instead of getting their own revenge, they’re going after Clarke, Finn and Monty. Bellamy was inspired by how Raven and Jasper rescued him. “Long way from, ‘Whatever the hell we want,'” Jasper says, hugging Bellamy. Awww.

On the way back to camp, Finn starts freaking out about the literal blood on his hands, and they stop at a river to wash off. Clarke consoles Finn about his first kill, and Finn tells her that he should have fought harder for her. He also decides now is a good time to drop the “L” bomb on her, as if they’re not running for their lives from reapers/reavers and Grounders out for their blood, but whatever. Clarkes hesitates, and then tells Finn that he broke her heart. Good for her! This isn’t the time for big romantic heart-to-hearts with the girl you treated awfully, Finn. Get your newly-minted-murdering head in the game.

Just as Bellamy and Jasper are about to go outside the camp to find them, Finn and Clarke make it back inside the gate, warning everyone of the incoming army of Grounders (but not the reapers/reavers? Do they stay inside the tunnels?). Bellamy tries to rally everyone to stay and fight, but Clarke gives her own speech with the harsh reality: If they stay, they will die. And of course, everyone listens to Clarke because everyone knows she’s the true leader. So everyone starts packing their things to leave, but Raven limps in from behind the drop ship. Looks lik she actually was hit with one of Murphy’s bullets! That’s going to put a damper on their big mass exodus from camp. Looks like they’re going to be forced to stay and fight now. War is coming, and the 100 are seriously unprepared for it.

Whew, that was one seriously crazy episode, huh? So much happened, so much was revealed, and everything has changed. And to think: We’re only halfway through the finale!

Lingering questions:

– Where is Monty?

– Is Raven going to die?

– Will the Ark make it to the ground safely? If they do, will they even land in the right spot? Will their kids even still be alive, or still at camp?

– Is Lincoln still alive?

– Are reapers like reavers? Or are they just savage cannibals, but still human and able to talk and think?

– Where is Murphy going? Can he survive on his own?

– Do the 100 stand a chance against the Grounders? Or will they make it out of the camp safely and get to the friendly clan?

“The 100” Season 1 finale concludes with “We Are Grounders — Part 2” on Wednesday (June 11) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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