the 100 ricky whittle season 2 'The 100' Season 2: Ricky Whittle promises 'even darker and emotional' stories There might still be one hour left of “The 100” Season 1 — “We Are Grounders — Part 2” airs Wednesday (June 11) — but Ricky Whittle, who plays the 100’s Grounder ally Lincoln, is already looking ahead to Season 2.

According to Whittle, he didn’t doubt that The CW’s newest and biggest hit series of the season would get a renewal. “Just based on these last two episodes alone, it would have been a done deal to get renewed,” Whittle tells Zap2it. “Now that The CW and everyone has seen what we’re about, I think we’re really going to hit the ground running in Season 2. We’re going to start pushing even darker stories and bring you even more fantastic emotional roller coasters.”

Something that both Whittle and the fans are excited to see explored in Season 2 is the Grounder culture and history on Earth. “There is still so much of the world that we need to see and learn about,” Whittle says. “We need to learn more about the Grounders and their history. Are they survivors or are they people that came down from the Ark before? Are there more dangers out there? What about the other tribes?”

Whittle continues, “Earth is a huge place and we just landed in one small area and already we’ve seen the Grounders and heard talk of Mountain Men. That’s something that [executive producer] Jason [Rothenberg] and the writers can explore in Season 2.”

Over the course of the first season, Whittle has enjoyed watching the characters on Earth evolve in massive and major ways, and he can’t wait to see those change even more. 

“Of course, you’ve got the dynamics within the group that are going to continue to evolve also,” Whittle says. “From Bellamy evolving from the overprotective brother to a good guy to Clarke making some dark decisions for the good of the people, and even Octavia, transforming from the bratty teenager to a selfless and loyal hero, as far as they’ve come this season, I’m excited to see where they’re journeys get taken next season.”

Looking back on the successful freshman run of “The 100,” Whittle is proud to see how much the show has changed since the first episode. “The show really has come such a long way from the pilot,” Whittle says. “And not to do any disservice to the pilot, because it was great, but it just wasn’t ‘The 100.’ Since the pilot, we’ve grown and taken you to a place that is truly unlike anything else on TV. We’ve taken risks and it’s paid off. So I’m excited for a huge Season 2.”

“The 100” Season 1 finale conclusion, “We Are Grounders — Part 2,” airs Wednesday (June 11) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum