beekman boys win the amazing race 'The Amazing Race': 'Beekman Boys' Josh and Brent on shocking win, teammates' snub and 'coasting' to victoryAfter losing 11 legs of “The Amazing Race’s” 21st season, underdogs Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge won when it counted, taking home the million-dollar prize in Sunday’s (Dec. 9) finale.

Zap2it caught up with the “Fabulous Beekman Boys” stars to find out what it was like being ostracized by the teams, “coasting” through the race and more:

Watching the past few episodes brought back some nightmares from high school. What was it like for you?
That is exactly right. Luckily we learned a few things in high school so we got over it quickly. The moment we heard about the alliance against us, it was immediately demoralizing, but just for a moment — then it became really motivating.

How do you respond to all the comments about you “coasting” to your victory?
Maybe we did coast. We went to the game with strategy that in order for us to win the race we had to not defeat ourselves — most of the time it’s one team doing themselves in. As this season proves, it’s not about how many legs of the race you win — or even winning a leg — it’s about not losing a leg until the last leg, which is the one that counts. For us, because we had that attitude going into the race, and when it got to the end, when you really have to pull it out, we weren’t so mentally and psychologically exhausted. And that strategy worked.

Josh, tell us about this “bionic ankle” of yours.
I sprained it in Amsterdam [but] obviously there’s a lot of travel time between legs. Like any sprained ankle, I’d keep it elevated on the plane, and when I got off the plane I was like, it’s in really good shape and I could run on it. But then I turned it and sprained it all over again.

What was it like seeing Abby and Ryan’s joyful reaction to your win?
It was actually very thrilling for us, because at that moment in the race we thought they were probably mad at us. They and the twins were standing right beside each other as we went down that final line of racers, and both of them were cheering as loudly as possible when we came across the finish line. That to us was just an amazing moment, because it just shows that beyond the game, beyond the competitiveness, people can appreciate what all of us went through. It shows what great competitors they are.

Who annoyed you the most on the race?
We were never really annoyed by anybody, primarily because we weren’t really running with that many people. [Laughs.] We were annoyed at how good-looking the Chippendales were, but that was it.

How are you spending the million bucks?
We’re paying off the mortgage on the farm so Josh can move up full-time and we can be together again. For the first time in five years we’ll be together 24/7. We’re also going to buy a building on the main street in our village so we can invest back in the town and have our company right in the town. Thirdly we’re starting a food line and the profits are going to go to help other farmers pay off their mortgages.

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