Lakishahoffman_jenniferhoffman_amazingrace14_240 I know that we only went without “The Amazing Race” for one week, but it felt like a whole lot longer than that. Without a weekly dose of Detours, Roadblocks, rule breaking, and just plain stupidity I don’t know what to do with myself. At least there was enough breaking of rules and stupidity tonight to make up for the lack last week.

For our racers it was off to Bangkok first thing, and it was a classic bottleneck with the teams having to all wait until the morning to get a flight. While I often have problems with the bottlenecks, for some reason tonight a new thought on them struck me (fine, you probably got there years ago, but let me have my turn) — when all the teams end up on the same plane you really do get to see who the best are, who repeatedly comes out on top despite starting at the same point

Well, that’s how it could work, hypothetically. The whole theory gets destroyed when people like Lakisha & Jennifer have a taxi driver who gets them lost heading from the airport to the Roadblock. And, while we’re on the Roadblock, let me ask you if it involved any sort of skill at all. It was a very simple-looking thing where one person just had to attach pieces of a propeller to a boat. Yes, Victor had some sort of issue with his propeller, but the show never really explained the nuts and bolts of the task so I can’t judge what went wrong.

The only trick at all to the Roadblock appeared to be the teams having to remember to take their bags with them on the boat when they were done. More than one team forgot to do that, most notably Lakisha & Jennifer and Mark & Michael. Mark & Michael at least had their passports, but when they finished on the boat they went back to get the rest of their bags anyway. Lakisha & Jennifer didn’t have their passports or other bags and didn’t bother to do anything about that. I figure both teams did the wrong thing — if you have your passports and money you move on, if you don’t you go back.

As for what came next I can only say “yuck, blech, disgusting.” It was the Detour and the first choice had teams sticking dentures into people and trying to find a good fit. The other choice was far more sensible, singing karaoke in the back of a taxi. The only issue with the second choice was traffic, teams could sing as badly as they wanted. Margie & Luke opted for disgusting (and Margie did all five denture fittings), while everyone else did the ridiculously hysterical singing. Even if the other task wasn’t disgusting, I would have done the singing just because it seemed like so much fun.

Disgusting won out though, and Margie & Luke arrived at the Pit Stop first. I’m sorry, for me the first place finish would not have made up for the nastiness of the task.

Lakisha & Jennifer finished their singing but had no money to get a taxi to take them to the Pit Stop. Eventually they found someone to do it for free and were still ahead of Mark & Michael at that point. Of course, they didn’t have their stuff and the way I saw it — no passport no next leg of the race, no matter where they finished this leg. Phil saw it the same way, they finished third but he couldn’t check them in without their travel documents.

Those two were so lucky that not only was their taxi with their bags still there by the docks, but that their passports — which were sitting on the dock — were there too. Correct me if I’m wrong, but fanny packs strap on, right? That’s kind of the point to them, yes? Why wasn’t their pack strapped on or at least over a shoulder? There’s a million dollars at stake, one could afford to look like a goofball for a few weeks.

Mark & Michael made it to the Pit Stop with all their stuff first which had the potential to eliminate Lakisha & Jennifer this week. However, Mark & Michael broke the rules again… twice. They settled two taxi bills by giving drivers personal possessions, and thereby incurring a total penalty of four hours. Only about 45 minutes into that penalty Lakisha & Jennifer showed up with their stuff. Phil didn’t make Mark & Michael wait out the last three-plus hours, instead he checked them in and informed them, wonder of wonders, that this wasn’t an elimination leg. Next week the two will not only get a Speed Bump, but their penalty will delay their start time.

Odds and ends:

  • Tammy referred to the people they went around singing with as “Mai Thai Trannies.” Thoughts?
  • Mark & Michael two are like cats, but they have to be running out of lives by now, don’t they?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser