the amazing race dan jordan winners pit stop 320 'The Amazing Race': Did brothers Dan and Jordan cheat?Dan and Jordan Pious won “The Amazing Race,” but not without some controversy.

The brothers rode in First Class during the critical last leg of the race, which many viewers thought was against the rules. To set the record straight, a representative assures Zap2it, “They did not cheat.”

During the 16th-season finale on Sunday (May 9), the siblings were on a plane with the other teams — cowboys Jet and Cord and models Brent and Caite. But while everybody was sleeping en route from Shanghai to San Francisco, the brothers made their move.

They somehow finagled a way to sit in First Class, which meant they were nearer to the exit when everyone deplaned. Thus, they got the first cab out and then kept their lead from there all the way to the final pit stop, winning $1 million.

Many Zap2it readers (and fans of the cowboys) cried foul about the plane maneuver since the show has made clear in the past that teams cannot buy First Class tickets. The key word here is “buy.”

“As long as the team purchases Economy [Class] tickets there are no rules that they cannot talk their way into sitting in First Class,” the rep confirms. “It’s happened on previous seasons.”

Our contact couldn’t give examples of previous teams that did the First Class switch, but perhaps that’s because it never made such a significant difference in the results before.

As for the brothers cutting in line in front of the cowboys at the airport, that’s just part of the game. Apparently, as long as you abide by the rules, being dishonest or sneaky is fair play. Just ask “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz.

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