Tammyvictor It was off to Maui tonight on “The Amazing Race” finale. Heading into the episode, I felt as though I would be happy no matter who won. Certainly I had my favorites, but there was no team there that I hated, and by the end of the episode I ended up liking all three much more than I had before.

I would have thought that Luke & Margie would have had the hardest time carrying the pig for the luau task, but they didn’t. Probably that’s because they realized that they should put the stick on their shoulders to carry the pig. Haven’t we all seen this sort of thing done on TV, don’t we all know the stick goes on your shoulders? And, if you were Cara & Jaime or Tammy & Victor and see Margie & Luke pass you while carrying the pig on their shoulders wouldn’t you rethink your strategy? I know I would.

Despite their early first place position, Luke was highly stressed. On the jet ski, he was yelling at his mom and ordering her around. He should have been driving, that way he could only have gotten angry at himself. At least they found their clue quickly, otherwise it could have gotten ugly. It was also good for Margie that Luke did the Roadblock — which involved finding 11 pictures from various tasks over the course of the season — rather than leaving it to her, he would have yelled at her so much during it.

There’s a task like that every season, which is just another reason I’m happy I’m not on the show. Do you think that after such a whirlwind tour of the world you could remember whether you visited the tiger in leg seven or leg six? I couldn’t. Victor though, he was ridiculously good. Luke started off strong, but fell down miserably on the last two symbols. It actually looked like he started bringing the same surfboards back to the wall more than once (though that could have been in the editing). Victor & Tammy ended up leaving the Roadblock first. That just had to kill Luke, he had it and let it slip away.

Poor Jaime & Cara, I haven’t liked their attitude for many a leg, but they have gotten in deep trouble with cabbies through no fault of their own repeatedly. They ended up calling the police to figure out where the surfboard task was, and while the cops had the answer, their cabbie realized he needed gas after they got it.

And then Jaime redeemed herself — and Cara — in my eyes. After Luke helped Jaime with the surfboards, thereby allowing her to finish, rather than just ditching him, she helped him right back. She may not have done that if it was going to cost her the race, but she still could have left anyway. She didn’t. She helped him because it was the right thing to do. All my bad feelings for Jaime & Cara disappeared at that moment.

Tammy & Victor were the favorites from early on, and they showed repeatedly why that was the case. They had a couple of missteps here and there — and I didn’t always like them — but they were great competitors. They may not have been my first choice to win, but I’m not unhappy that they took home the prize this season.

What I want to know is this — what happened to the Detour? I think that they could have used a Detour on the final leg, if only because Jaime and Luke both left the race feeling as though they cost their respective teams a million dollars. If there had been a Detour, perhaps there would have been more separation between the teams — of course, that would have made for a less close finish. It may have made for a more exciting finale. Though the finish may have been pretty close this year, I didn’t really feel it to be nail-biting.

Bits and pieces:

  • What do you think, would you have liked a Detour — or something else — to add a little oomph to the finale?
  • How long does it Jaime or Luke to get over their feelings of inadequacy with the surfboard task? It would take me a goodly long time.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser