jet cord amazing race 16 320 'The Amazing Race': Off to the Seychelles IslandsFollowing last week’s recap it became apparent that there are several folks out there who will greatly miss Jordan & Jeff and their shenanigans on “The Amazing Race.”

What can I tell you, we all have our favorites, and I’ll be the first to admit that my favorites, the Cowboys, certainly didn’t amaze this go round.

The teams actually had to get on a plane today as they were headed to The Seychelles (not the Say-Chilis). At the starting line teams were told that they would all be on the same flight to the islands. I’ve never been a big fan of bottlenecks, but liked the fact that the show was upfront about it this time out. And, I was pleasantly surprised that a bunch of the teams – including Brent & Caite, whom I know I’ve said bad things about – were smart enough to try to get seats towards the front of the plane. It was a good move as the first three teams to get off the plane got to ride the first helicopter over to a different island, La Digue, from the one the airport was on. The other three teams had to wait an hour.

Once off the helicopter, teams hit the Detour where they either had to lure a turtle across a lawn with a banana and then carry some bananas to a fruit stand or load a bunch of coconuts on to an ox cart which an ox then had to carry to the same stand. I’m not sure which I would have chosen, it seemed like something of a toss-up. The turtle had to move a shorter distance before people could ditch it, but the ox appeared to be something you could cajole into moving better than you could the turtle.

Brent & Caite, doing the ox task, instantly blew their lead as one of the coconuts Caite tossed into the cart bounced out and she didn’t see it happen. Of course, Steve & Allie did brilliantly with their turtle and passed Caite & Brent before those two even realized they were going to have to turn around. However, the father/daughter team didn’t bother bringing their packs with them when they were carrying the bananas (they did have their money and passports though). Dan & Jordan who did the ox task also passed Brent & Caite before the Models made it to the fruit stand.

Ah, Brent & Caite. They couldn’t figure out why the man at the fruit stand wouldn’t take their coconuts and give them their clue. He kept saying that they didn’t have enough in the cart. Brent’s response was both classic Brent and truly awesome – he declared that it was unfair and that he was quitting the race. He didn’t try to work out what the problem might have been, he just wanted to quit. Obviously eventually the two decided that one must have fallen out, but Caite still “didn’t want to play anymore” and actually started crying about how unfair it was. Of course it was, how dare the producers force the teams to follow the rules… HOW DARE THEY!?! (that would be sarcasm)

Steve & Allie, realizing they forgot their bags after dropping off their bananas opted to not head back, and instead just pressed on to the Road Block. There, one member of each team had to dive off a boat and head underwater to untie one of seven bottles. Each bottle contained a puzzle which when put together was a map to the location of the Pit Stop (the map essentially boiled down to “head up the beach and then make a turn”). Apparently the rules state you can check in without extra clothes as Steve & Allie with passports and money but without backpacks checked in first tonight.

My Cowboys, Jet & Cord, made the exact same mistake as Brent & Caite. The Models though were saved by the fact that they were on the first helicopter. Amazingly, Brandy & Carol also didn’t get all their coconuts meaning that the Cowboys managed to get out of last place. The only thing that could possibly save Brandy & Carol was this being a non-elimination leg. Well, either that or Jet & Cord screwing up a second thing.

They did. The Cowboys didn’t bother to take their bottle off the boat which put Carol & Brandy right back in it. Carol & Brandy hit the Pit Stop first.

Jet & Cord? Well, it was a non-elimination leg and the Cowboys have lived to giddy-up another day!

Odds and ends:

  • How great was Phil giving the bottle instructions underwater?

  • So many dumb teams tonight – how did fully half the teams not watch every coconut land safely in the cart? I felt embarrassed for them.

  • I think the Cowboys should have swum in their jeans, at the very least Cord should have swum for the bottle with his hat on.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser