louis michael amazing race 16 320 'The Amazing Race': Pingping, the smallest man in the worldI often consider math my friend. However, it did me no favors on this most recent episode of “The Amazing Race.” I’m not going to tell you my amazing math revelation now though because it’ll spoil the recap, just keep reading.

Teams were off to Shanghai, China this week so that they could then travel on to Zhujiajiao – the Venice of China. And, they were all on the same plane… again. I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I don’t recall a season that so repeatedly put all the teams on the same flights or had no travel at all. It’s disappointing, massively disappointing. To me, flight jockeying is an important part of the game and one we’re not getting this year.

Once in Shanghai, both the Brothers and the Detectives ended up with cabbies who didn’t know how to get from Shanghai to Zhujiajiao and both teams got extremely lost (together). Caite & Brent got to the Road Block, which required the teams to make noodles, first. The Cowboys arrived second, but Jet finished well before Caite. He was actually done just after the Brothers and Detectives arrived.

Jet was really impressive with the pasta, the task didn’t look like an easy one. He claimed the secret was the flour, but if that’s all the difference was between the way he worked and everyone else I’d be surprised. Whatever the secret may have been, Pingping, the world’s shortest man, was on hand to give the Cowboys their next clue (he has, sadly, since passed away).

It at first looked as though the Cowboys were going to need whatever time they gained doing the pasta in their next task which required teams to put together full outfits created by an unnamed designer. Jet & Cord were good though – they went through it methodically and put together the outfit almost perfectly on the first try (they only messed up the shirt).

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I expected the Models, who showed second, to do the fashion task perfectly. They’re models. They did in fact get it right which is great for them because I would have been brutal otherwise, kind of like I could be about the Detectives completely missing where the fashion house was. Louie & Michael got the clue from the clue box right outside the fashion house and then didn’t head in the door, opting instead to hunt for the fashion house’s location. Shouldn’t these two guys have an amazing attention to detail? Isn’t that their thing? The Detectives eventually found the fashion house and ended up finishing the task just ahead of the Brothers.

The next stop for Jet & Cord was the second Road Block of the night! That’s right, no Detours this week, only Road Blocks, and the person from each team who didn’t do the first one was required to do the second. Said second Road Block required teams to assemble a massive 96 piece puzzle (the pieces were the massive part) in a football stadium. Once assembled, people in the stadium would flip the pieces to reveal the location of the clue. It was a task that was made somewhat more difficult due to the wind which kept blowing pieces around.

All the teams ended up at the stadium for the puzzle at the same time, and once the pieces went flying, Brent, who did appear to be pretty far along, lost everything. Cord lost a lot too, but he remained calm, Brent didn’t. Cord finished first and the Cowboys finished first for the leg.

So, anyway, on to my pre-episode upsetting math revelation. This week’s episode began with four teams and next week isn’t the finale (it’s the week after). As three teams race in the final leg, do you know what that would make this week’s episode? That’s right, a non-elimination leg. Caite & Brent finished second and Dan & Jordan third. It looked like it took the Detectives an awfully long time with the puzzle and they certainly came in last, but they didn’t get sent home. The Speed Bumps haven’t seemed all that tough this season, so I’m not hugely worried for them next week, but we’ll see what happens.

Odds and ends:

  • Do you think that Caite’s right, that her being the last girl does “show all the haters?”

  • Do you think Dan & Jordan were right that Caite was going to regret not U-Turning the Cowboys?

  • Really, we don’t know the word “tranquil?”

  • Man was Phil mean to the Detectives when they arrived at the mat.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser