amazing race logo 'The Amazing Race': Producer's mysterious death now being ruled an overdose

Although it was previously reported that a facilitating producer on “The Amazing Race” was found dead after being poisoned in Africa, new reports are emerging that reveal Jeff Rice’s death was likely caused by a cocaine overdose.
According to E! News, Rice and his assistant, Kathryn Fuller, went to Uganda on Feb. 15 to work on a documentary. Rice was found dead in his hotel room last week. Fuller was found on the floor nearby and remains in the hospital
“The police were called in by the hotel. The two were taken to hospital. Jeff Rice was declared dead on arrival,” Uganda Media Centre spokesman Fred Opolot tells E! News. “The initial investigations by the doctor who checked them showed Rice probably was suffocated. His lady friend was unconscious and had no indication of suffocation. Above all of that, some white substances were found on the table. Further investigation was done on Jeff Rice. It was found he was intoxicated by a cocaine substance. The police came to the conclusion that he probably had an overdose.” 
He continues: “We heard reports that he was attacked by thugs,” Opolot continued. “The hotel he stayed at was a 5-star hotel. The rooms can only be accessed by hotel workers or guests. No one can easily walk in an out. There’s good security at the hotel. Those allegations are unfounded.” 
Rice was not working on “TAR” at the time of his death, and had worked as a freelance facilitating producer helping to arrange African location shoots.
Posted by:Jean Bentley