amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Bollywood TravoltaInter-team tensions on “The Amazing Race” are briefly explored in the wake of last week’s U-Turn drama, but fortunately most of that is back-burnered when the race moves to India.

In Cochin, a Roadlbock requires one racer from each team to learn and perform a Bollywood dance routine. Other Rachel nails it on the first try, but the other teams aren’t so lucky. After a few tries, Vanessa comes in second, then Rachel powers through another emotional meltdown to get her and Brendon out of there in third place. The all-male teams struggle, as JJ has to take several turns while Art makes caveman-like observations from the sidelines. But it’s Mark who is hurting the most. Always prone to motion sickness, he’s already in a bad way after the bus ride to the Roadblock. But with Bopper’s knee relegating him to the DL, Mark has to step up. And yet he soon proves nearly unable to take any steps at all in the punishing heat.

The other teams, however, move on to the Detour. Other Rachel and Dave hold onto their lead as they use an auto rickshaw to negotiate a slalom course at a driving school and win their fifth leg. Brendon and Rachel beat Art and JJ at the cricket-based half of the Detour, and those two teams come in second and third respectively. Vanessa and Ralph straggle in as team number four after getting hung up at the driving Detour. And this all happens before Mark can even finish the dancing Roadblock.

Fearing for his friend’s health, Bopper finally talks Mark into quitting so he can go home alive to his kids. But when Mark reluctantly agrees, the choreographer — and, suspiciously, Bopper — talk him into giving it one last try before heading out. Whether Mark’s twelfth attempt is correct or not (and it’s kind of not), twelve tries is enough to earn him the clue at last. We rush through the rest of their leg and an emotional farewell montage, only to see them arrive at the mat in last place and learn from Phil that it’s a non-elimination leg. Fair enough; between all his puking and sweating, it looked like Mark did enough elimination to go around for everyone.

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