amazing race unfinished race cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Crevasse KickingThe re-racers have to get to a rescue heliport, and only in the moments before taking flight do they get their next clue. It’s a Matterhorn-based Detour in which they have to either find a dummy buried in a snowfield or winch a dude out of a crevasse. After they make the rescues, and Zev and Justin go from first to last, everyone takes the train back down to Zermatt to make a gnome out of Swiss chocolate. It mostly involves painting the insides of molds with colored chocolate, until tension erupts over people’s work getting mixed up with each other, and things get ugly between the Goths and the Globetrotters. Flight Time and Big Easy win the leg after starting in last place, followed by Jen and Kisha. Kent and Vyxsin get a half-hour penalty for taking a forbidden taxi to the Pit Stop, which means Gary and Mallory come in third. Zev and Justin get lost on the way, but still arrive while Kent and Vyxsin are arguing their penalty away, which means the Goths are gone. So the final four going into next week’s finale will be the Globetrotters, the sisters, Gary/Mallory, and Team Asperger’s. I think we can live with that.

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