amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: Dancing with the DanesThe race is done with Africa, and teams race each other to Copenhagen, Denmark. Seats are pre-reserved for them, but they have the opportunity to book something faster if they can. Thus Laurence and Zac get a huge jump on everyone else by transferring in London, while the rest of the teams go through Amsterdam per the default airfares. However, after landing in the Netherlands, the snowboarders and Jeremy & Sandy take an earlier flight out, with Ernie & Cindy and Bill & Cathi showing up shortly afterward. It wouldn’t matter that much, because the church they arrive at doesn’t open until the next morning, except for one thing: Marcus and Amani, after a lot of big talk about not being satisfied with fourth place, spent the night at the Amsterdam airport instead of looking for an earlier flight, so the next morning when the church opens they’re the only team not in the correct country.

So the six remaining teams who actually possess something like wherewithal climb the church’s bell tower to read a flag on the stairs and a flag on a nearby rooftop which, in combination, are sending them to a castle called Frederiksborg Slot. Jeremy and Sandy, misreading one of the banners, end up at the wrong place while the other teams get to the castle and have to do a Road Block where they have to dress, get made up, and dance as Renaissance characters. Going back to the church to re-check their clue, Jeremy and Sandy encounter Marcus and Amani at the church, so the gap is narrowed. Ernie aces the Roadblock, so he and Cindy are leading the way to “Frilandmuseet,” with Bill & Cathi close behind while Zac struggles with the dance routine.

Frilandmuseet turns out to be a farm where the Detour is a choice between churning butter and leading a rabbit through an obstacle course. No, that’s not a typo. Amani and Marcus get lost on their way to the castle (so much for a brilliant recovery) while Team Control and the grandparents get their churn on. After the Detour, there’s the second Double U-Turn in a row, which Cindy decides to use on Bill & Cathi, probably making them the first old people ever to get U-Turned. In turn, Bill & Cathi U-Turn Laurence & Zac, and still finish the Detour in second place. Team NFL isn’t far behind Jeremy and Sandy after the Roadblock, Ernie and Cindy finally win their second leg, and Bill and Cathi just beat the snowboarders to the Pit Stop, so they come in second and third respectively.

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