amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Do What U SaidThe racers are driven down into the Ngorongoro Crater, through what looks like the set of The Lion King, to a town called Safari Junction. There, they either have to fix a punctured bicycle tire or collect dozens of gallons of water at a communal well. Bopper and Mark and Other Rachel and Dave fix the bikes, but Art and JJ get into the long line at the well while Team Big Brother heads to the bike shop, and Vanessa and Ralph get lost looking for the Detour clue in the first place. Bopper (who is racing with a newly re-injured knee) and Mark are the first to finish the Detour and reach the Double U-Turn, which both they and Other Rachel and Dave forgo, despite a previous agreement between the latter team and Art and JJ to ding Brendon and Rachel whenever the opportunity arose. Other Rachel and Dave are the first to reach the next clue, at an art gallery outside the village. Art and JJ U-Turn Brendon and Rachel, thinking the lack of previous U-Turns means they’re the first team to get there. Before returning to the second Detour task, Brendon and Rachel U-Turn Vanessa and Ralph, while last-place team Nary and Jamie inexorably narrow what began as a huge lag.

In the front of the pack, Mark and Dave suit up and brave swarming bees to harvest half a kilogram of honey for the Roadblock. Mark finishes first, and even in a footrace to a lakeside mat on Mark’s injured leg, Team Kentucky wins its first leg ever. Second-place Dave is a **** to Other Rachel even on the mat. And JJ’s a giant crybaby about Other Rachel and Dave failing to use the U-Turn, contrary to their agreement, all the way until they arrive at the mat in third place and well after.

Brendon and Rachel and Vanessa and Ralph finish the second half of the Detour, just before the bike task is complete by Nary and Jamie, who get directions from Team Big Brother. And then Vanessa and Ralph’s cab gets a flat on the way to the next stage, allowing Nary and Jamie to catch up. But Team Undercover still has their Speed Bump, in which they have to set up a detailed display stand. Rachel completes the Roadblock with ease, allowing her and Brendon to come in fourth. Nary and Jamie finish their Speed Bump while Ralph does the Roadblock, but it’s not enough; the federal agents still come in last again, and are belatedly Philiminated. And without even having to tell anyone what their real job is.

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