amazing race unfinished race cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Don't Ruin the Basketball GameAfter last week’s Pit Keep Going, the train back to Kunming for the continuation of the leg is late enough in the evening that there’s time for an inter-team basketball game — and time for Kent and Vyxsin to catch up with everyone else.

Arriving in Kunming during the wee hours, with a Double-U Turn coming up, a stop at the Flower Market leads to cab poaching. The Detour is a choice between recreating a theater performance in miniature and carrying and installing a solar water heater on a skyscraper’s rooftop. Kent and Vyxsin complete the latter and arrive at the Double U-Turn in third place, seconds ahead of the cheerleaders — and then U-Turn them right to their faces. Cara and Jaime immediately U-Turn the Globetrotters, who were already in last place.

The race then proceeds to the Stone Forest, where a Road Block requires re-racers to assemble a wooden 3-D puzzle representing a life-sized dinosaur. The U-Turned teams make it there ahead of Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory, the latter of whom use their Express Pass and get to the Pit Stop in second place, right behind Jet and Cord. Kent and Vyxsin make it to the Pit Stop in fourth place, but have to wait out a half-hour penalty that knocks them down to fifth. Justin and Jaime both get stuck and frustrated on the dinosaur, but it’s Team Go Team who’s out of it in ninth place. So at least now Team Asperger’s is guaranteed a better placing than last time around.

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